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Classic boomer shooter hits 100,000 reviews, still rated 98% positive

A blend of Doom, Quake, Half-Life and FPS games of the ‘90s, one boomer shooter is still beloved by players after 100,000 Steam reviews.

Ultrakill Steam FPS game: A robotic hero from Steam FPS and boomer shooter Ultrakill

It’s a common pattern in statistics. The more people watch, play, read, or otherwise experience something, the more varied the responses become. Then again, sometimes all the math and probability stuff doesn’t apply whatsoever, and despite thousands upon thousands of players, the rating remains stratospheric. A superb boomer shooter influenced by Half-Life, Doom, Quake, and the rest of the ‘90s icons, one FPS game has managed to defy the laws of numbers, and has an almost flawless score despite 100,000 reviews.

Fast-paced, ultra violent, and lovingly retro, Ultrakill is an FPS game that originally landed in 2020, from Dusk publisher New Blood. As much as classic Doom, it’s inspired by the incredible pseudo-sequel from 2016. Move quickly, wield an expansive arsenal of off-the-wall weapons, and chain together kills at rapid pace, all while breathing in a chunky, low-poly aesthetic pulled right from the original Quake. For extra flavor, there’s even a gruesome but thrilling mechanic whereby you refill health by literally showering in your enemies’ blood.

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After almost four years, it’d be only natural if enthusiasm for Ultrakill slowly tailed off. But the shooter remains unstoppable. As of Wednesday May 15, it’s just passed 100,000 user reviews on Steam. That amount of responses is a testament to Ultrakill’s ongoing success, but more impressive, despite all those replies, comments, and reviews, Ultrakill still has an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating – of the precisely 100,011 reviews, a huge 98% are favorable, and would recommend the shooter to others.

And this has all been achieved in Steam Early Access. The Ultrakill 1.0 launch isn’t here yet, but given its runaway success so far, it’s easy to imagine a fresh influx of positive reviews once the full release arrives. In the meantime, if you want to try Ultrakill for yourself, head right here.

Ultrakill Steam reviews: Reviews for FPS game and boomer shooter Ultrakill on Steam

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