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After Undertale Yellow’s success, another fan game is on the way

A new Undertale fan game, called Undertale Blue, has been announced by a team of indie devs following the success of the Yellow fan game.

Undertale Blue fan game: a pixel art image of a white cartoon cat running the 'Tem Shop'

Another fan-made Undertale game is now in “full swing” following the success and support of Undertale Yellow. Called Undertale Blue, developer Team Azure celebrates the start of the project, following Toby Fox coming out in support of Yellow on Twitter amid music license issues.

With Undertale Yellow now safely out on the internet, another team of dedicated fans has risen to announce their own fan project: Undertale Blue. Team Azure took to the Undertale Reddit to reveal the indie game, saying “We’re excited to say that the development of Undertale Blue is in full swing.

“Every department of the team has made significant progress – there are completed rooms, a smooth battle system, great concept art, beautifully rendered sprites, and awesome music!” Let’s just cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t take seven years like Undertale Yellow did, yeah? Then again, that got 350,000 downloads in a month, so the wait seems to have been worth it.

Undertale Blue fan game: the Reddit post outlining the Undertale Blue game

Much like Yellow, Blue follows another soul not seen in Toby Fox’s Undertale, this time it’s the blue soul of integrity, Grace. “Throughout her journey, this feisty teen must stick to her morals, despite nearly everyone being out to get her. She’ll meet strange and intriguing characters, such as the Royal Tailor and his assistant, deal with a shady cabal fighting against the king’s wishes, and try to make as many friends as she can along the way.”

While not mentioned in the post, I’d imagine Team Azure felt more confident announcing the project after Fox came out in public support of Undertale Yellow, following the CEO of Materia, the copyright administrator for the game’s music, made a bet on Twitter. That said, Azure doesn’t mention if it will be remixing Fox’s music for Undertale Blue, or if the team has contacted Fox at all about the game.

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