Underworld Ascendant reaches its Kickstarter target; stretch goals include swampy fun

Underworld Ascendant hits Kickstarter target

Underworld Ascendant, the spiritual successor to dungeon-delving Ultima Underworld, still has a week left on its Kickstarter, but it’s already reached its $600,000 goal. It’s not all that surprising, since Looking Glass founder Paul Neurath, designer of Ultima Underworld, is running the show, along with a team made up of Thief, System Shock and Ultima Underworld developers.

“We’re humbled,” said Neurath. “Honored to have your support. And, to be honest, a bit relieved that we actually did reach the milestone. The team are incredibly excited that we can now make the game we have so passionately wanted to make for 20 years, and do it together with you.”

With the game now funded, developer OtherSide has made some adjustments to the stretch tiers. A new area will sprout in the Underworld, the Underswamp, when funding reaches $650,000, fantasy writer Tracy Hickman will pen a prequel novel to the game at $700,000 and the lizardmen race will be added to the final game if it hits $750,000.

Those are just the new ones. There’s a big list of stretch goals that goes all the way to $1.2 million, and includes a builder toolkit and co-op – though with only a week to go, it’ll need a big wave of new pledges to get there.

Did any of you lovely lot back it?