Unrailed! is live on Steam, and if you played the beta you now own it

Finish the tracks as the developers finish the game

Unrailed! Is perhaps best described as ‘Overcooked meets trains’ – which is why we’ve called it precisely that when discussing its impending early access launch and our beta key giveaway. That Steam Early Access launch happened today, and if you’re one of the lucky participants in that giveaway (or you got into the closed beta through any other means) you already own the proper release.

You can head to Steam to pick up Unrailed! for $16.99 / £12.99 / €15.99, or grab a two-pack for online co-op at $29.99 / £22.99 / €28.99. All closed beta keys have automatically been upgraded for the retail release, so if you got one, you’re clear to play all the way from early access up through the full 1.0 launch.

Unrailed! Is a four-player multiplayer game where you and your friends team up to help guide a train through procedurally-generated stages. You’ve got to rush to build tracks before the train reaches the end of the line, gathering resources, clearing the path, and constructing the rails in a series of unique biomes.

Multiplayer works both for couch co-op or online play, and you’ve got the option for four-player cooperative play, or 2v2 competition.

You can check it out in action through the trailer above.

Unrailed! Is set to stay in early access for about three to six months, during which time the developers plan to add potential features like additional biomes, new characters, and a single-player mode.