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Chaos returns to Unreal Tournament


Unreal Tournament can be pretty crazy - it’s fast, hectic and people blow up a lot. But the series was at its most weird in ChaosUT, a mod designed with one thing in mind: craziness. It was a mod where horrible, grinning mines chased you around and weapons were clearly made by mad scientists at ACME.

The new, free Unreal Tournament that Epic’s developing with the community is getting some chaos pumped through its veins now, as Chaotic Dreams has started working on a new version of the mod. 

Unreal Tournament is going to be free when it launches, and you can already get your hands on it - in its infant form - by getting an Unreal Engine subscription, or by downloading builds here

Got any fond memories of zaniness from ChaosUT? Spill them in the comments.

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Belimawr avatar
Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

the original is one of my all time favorite mods, it was just pure insanity and nothing was more fun than the mines jumping about after people. because you always heard them before you ever spotted them.