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V Rising mod camera turns it into a Skyrim survival game

First-person and third-person camera options are now available with this V Rising mod, which turns it into a survival game version of Skyrim or Elden Ring

First-person V Rising mod - and third-person is available too

V Rising is a fantastic vampire game but a possible sticking point for some players is the Diablo-style top-down camera angle. This updated V Rising mod can easily change that by adding seamless first-person and third-person camera options – essentially creating a survival game version of Skyrim or Elden Ring.

The V Rising camera has been around for a little while but it’s undergone a lot of revisions, improvements, and bug fixes since its initial release – to the point where it’s now pretty seamless, and incredibly easy to install. Grab the BepInExPack and paste the contents of the folder there into the main V Rising Steam folder, then put the .dll files for the Modern Camera mod into a new ‘plugins’ folder within the BepInEx folder.

Then load V Rising, play any server apart from an official one, then scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in the camera. You can either stop at an MMO-style third-person or head straight to Ark: Survival Evolved first-person.

I tried it and, while the combat is a little trickier, it did just feel like a first-person MMO like Elder Scrolls Online – complete with the hotbar at the bottom of the screen for skills. I could honestly see myself playing all of V Rising like that, even if the draw distance isn’t huge (of course).

Trying out the combat in close 3rd and 1st person. ModernCamera Mod from vrising

If you want to play V Rising and aren’t a fan of the top-down camera, give it a try. It may change your mind.

If you want to further modify V Rising, here are some useful admin commands so you can do just that.