All V Rising admin commands

Here's how to use V Rising admin commands including how to enable commands and a full list of teleport, general purpose, and debugging cheats

V Rising admin commands - list of all console commands

Looking for all the V Rising admin commands? If you’re getting tired of finding and unlocking new materials and recipes to advance in this survival game, then here are all of the console commands to easily generate materials or cut down on travel time by teleporting across the map.

First, you need to enable admin commands in V Rising before using them. In some cases, you may need to complete an extra step – depending on the server you’re using – to give you admin permissions to use commands. We’ve included exactly how to enable admin commands in V Rising and a list of all cheats available. You can also use the console command ‘list’ to quickly access a full list of all console commands available in the hit vampire game.

How to enable admin commands in V Rising

Follow these steps to activate commands and cheats:

Step 1: Select ‘options’ in the main menu or pause menu
Step 2: Go to ‘general’ and enable console
Step 3: Go back to the game and press the Tilde key (~) to open console commands
Step 4: Press the Tilde key to and type ‘adminauth’ to enable admin access

V Rising teleport admin commands

  • Teleport
  • TeleportPlayerToMe
  • TeleportPlayerToMousePosition
  • TeleportToChunk
  • TeleportToChunkWaypoint
  • TeleportToPlayer

V Rising general admin commands

  • Addtime
  • Alias
  • Adminauth
  • Admindeauth
  • Bancharacter (Character Name)
  • Banned
  • Banuser (Steam ID)
  • Bind (Key Combination, Command)
  • Clanaccept
  • Clandecline
  • Clear
  • ClearTempBindings
  • Claninvite (Unnamed Argument)
  • Clanleave
  • Connect (Address, Steam ID, Port, Password)
  • Disconnect
  • GatherAllAllies
  • GatherAllAlliesExceptMe
  • GatherAllNonAllies
  • GatherAllPlayers
  • GatherAllPlayersExceptMe
  • Give (What, Amount)
  • Giveset (What)
  • Hidecursor (Unnamed Argument)
  • Kick (Character Name)
  • Kill
  • List (Optional: Category)
  • Listusers (Include Disconnected)
  • Localization (Language)
  • MultiCommand (Commands)
  • PlayerTeleport
  • Reconnect
  • Setadminlevel (User, Level)
  • Unbind (Key Combination)
  • Unban (User Index)

V Rising debugging admin commands

  • Adminonlydebugevents (Unnamed Argument)
  • ClientBuildingDebugging (Unnamed Argument)
  • Copy (Command)
  • CopyDebugDump
  • CopyPositionDump
  • CreateDebugDump
  • CreatePerformanceDump
  • DebugViewEnabled (Unnamed Argument)
  • Depthoffield (Unnamed Argument)
  • DumpArchetypeInformation (Which, Num to print, Full info)
  • DumpBlobAssetMemoryInfo (Which)
  • DumpChunkFragmentation (Which, ExtraDebugging)
  • DumpComponentMemoryInfo (Which)
  • DumpDynamicBufferMemoryInfo (Which)
  • DumpEntity (World, Entity, Full Dump)
  • DumpEntityQueries (Which)
  • DumpEverything (Which)
  • DumpPrefabGUIDEntities (World, Component, Include Disabled, Include Prefabs)
  • DumpQueryArchetypes (Which, OnlyRequired, AlsoLogToConsole)
  • DumpSystemMemory (Which, AlsoLogToConsole)
  • GarbageCollectArchetypes (Which)
  • GcCollect
  • JobThreads (Threads)
  • Logdestroyevents (Which, State)
  • Lowqualityatmosphere (Unnamed Argument)
  • MeasureSystemPerformance (Unnamed Argument)
  • OpenCrashDumpFolder
  • OpenLogsFolder
  • PerformanceTestChunks (Jump Distance, Test Mode)
  • Performchunkdefragmentation (Which)
  • Printactivesequences
  • Printactivesounds
  • Printallsequences
  • Printdestroyevents (Which)
  • PrintDynamicResSettings
  • Printsunvfxstate
  • Setmipmaplevel (Unnamed Argument, Unnamed Argument)
  • Setresolution (Unnamed Argument, Unnamed Argument)
  • Setsystemenabled (Which, Unnamed Argument, Enabled)
  • Startbuildwallpaper (Unnamed Argument)
  • Texturestreamingenabled (Unnamed Argument)
  • Texturestreamingmaxlevelreduction (Unnamed Argument)
  • Texturestreamingmemorybudget (Unnamed Argument)
  • ToggleDebugViewCategory (Unnamed Argument)
  • ToggleObserve (Mode)
  • ToggleSetting (Setting Name, Optional Setting Values)
  • UnloadUnusedAssets
  • Useoptimizedqueries (Which, State)

That’s all the V Rising console commands and cheats – for more check out the best base locations in V Rising and all V Rising weapons in the game.