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V Rising endgame will have “Game of Thrones vibes” and Dracula

A new interview reveals a number of features coming to the survival game, including the possible V Rising endgame return of Dracula and Game of Thrones events

Could Dracula return in the planned V Rising endgame event?

Vampiric survival game V Rising has already proven a hit on Steam but it’s still only in early access, so there’s a lot more content coming. In a new interview, the vampire game‘s developer reveals plans for the V Rising endgame – which includes the return of Dracula and “Game of Thrones vibes.”

Stunlock Studios has previously revealed that the V Rising 1.0 release will be an “evolution” of the current game, and teased “super exciting additions coming.” Now, in a new interview with streamers Asmongold and Rich Campbell, Stunlock teased a few more details about its future plans for the endgame.

“Our ambition is to bring back Dracula,” confirms game director Peter Ilves. He continues, “what is his role, will you be able to challenge him, will you be able to become Dracula in the endgame, will you be sitting on the Throne of Darkness?” These are all questions the team has been “really intrigued about” and players will “definitely see” Dracula’s return “as some sort of big event” at some point.

“Dracula isn’t just the endgame,” adds creative director Martin Lövgren. “His effects on the world will be notable even in the early game. His impact will be something you experience throughout the journey.”

The endgame will also feature the various factions fighting for control, which Ilves describes as “Game of Thrones vibes going on” between sides like the undead, church, militia, and more. You can check out the full interview below, with the endgame talk starting around 43:28.

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Given that V Rising is all about the void created by the fall of Dracula, it will be interesting to see him return and force the player’s vampire rival to confront him. We presumably won’t see all this until V Rising releases properly, of course.

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