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V Rising to go offline for two days ahead of full launch

In anticipation of its 1.0 release, V Rising's official servers will be taken offline for a period of maintenance over a couple of days.

V Rising to go offline for two days ahead of full launch: A vampire from V Rising holds a blade and threatens to attack.

It’s been a long time coming and finally we’re almost on the edge of V Rising ascending out of its coffin to take over the night in its full launch. With nearly two years in Steam Early Access and a wealth of positive reviews behind it, this is a moment that’s definitely highly anticipated by fans. We’re not quite there yet, however, and there’s just one more thing that has to happen before the game flaps away from the starting lines.

Ahead of the V Rising release developer Stunlock Studios has made the decision to take the game offline for a couple of days in order to run maintenance on official servers. The vampire survival game will still be playable, as the developer is careful to note that this won’t affect player-run servers during this time, but if you’re playing on an official realm you’ll have to take a little break before you dive back in.

The V Rising pre-release maintenance will run from 05:30 PDT / 08:30 EST / 13:30 BST / 14:30 CEST on Monday, May 6 until Wednesday, May 8.

A vampire from V Rising looks out from their gothic balcony at the lands below.

Following the maintenance the game will be ready to roll into launch and players will experience a few new things in V Rising. The biggest change hitting the game is the introduction of difficulty settings. These server settings will give three different ways to play:

  • Relaxed – A slightly easier time for those entering Vardoran. The Sun will deal less damage, blood drains slower, enemies deal less damage, and V Blood bosses will have less health.;
  • Normal – How the game has played so far, so if you don’t want to change a thing, this is the option for you.
  • Brutal – A much more difficult experience with many gameplay features ramped up or even changed. Some V Blood bosses will have new abilities, more health, be a higher level, and deal more damage. Enemies as a whole will hit harder, more loot will drop, and item durability will be slowed down.

If you’d like to partake of any of these new settings or anything else arriving in V Rising in the upcoming patch, you’ll need to start a new save as all official servers will be updated to use the new content. While it’ll be possible to play old characters still, players will have to use a separate Steam branch in order to access them.

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V Rising will launch on Wednesday, May 8 and you can get the full lowdown on pre-launch preparations here.

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