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The new Valheim Ashlands update just dropped out of nowhere

Valheim Ashlands is out now, bringing new, boiling-hot enemies to the survival game, as well as fresh weapons, materials, and biomes.

Valheim Ashlands out now: a cartoon man with a bald head, glowing blue eyes, and a brown beard shouting

The highly anticipated Valheim Ashlands is here. Developer Iron Gate just surprise dropped the free update, so you can venture into the boiling waters and charred remains of the survival game’s new biome. There are new landscapes to scale, dangers to fight, and some brand-new resources so you can kit out your Viking with all-new gear – if you can handle the heat.

As an endgame update, Valheim Ashlands isn’t going to be easy. The survival game is fraught with new dangers, but there’s also a new way for you to fight back: flametal. Harvesting this material across the Ashlands will help you make new weapons like the Slayer greatsword, Slitnir spear, and Ripper crossbow. Jade, bloodstone, and iolite gems can grant them new powers, too. You can already get a good look at the Valheim Ashlands weapons, and they’re mighty fine.

New Charred enemies will fortify themselves behind nigh impenetrable fortresses, but luckily for us, we’ve got the new catapult and battering ram siege weapons to open up a fresh dimension in combat.

These Charred enemies are reanimated dead according to Iron Gate, and they’re not all you’ll have to contend with. If you spot the long shadow of wings on the ground, look up, because the Fallen Valkyrie is likely circling overhead. Don’t forget to survey your immediate surroundings as well, though, because the Morgen is on the prowl, and they are starving.

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Keep in mind that Iron Gate recommends you start a new world to get the best experience with Ashlands, even if this isn’t a requirement.

“We didn’t want to just release another biome but with fire instead of mist,” Valheim producer Andreas Tomasson says of the launch. “Ashlands is supposed to feel like a struggle, and players should expect a challenge.”

Valheim Ashlands is out now on PC and Xbox platforms, with the free content update available to all players.

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