This huge Valheim mod adds a bunch of modifiers, advanced building, and editing

Now that Valheim is out in Steam Early Access – and making one Hel of a splash, too – the Viking-style survival game’s modding scene is starting to bubble up. A few offerings have now appeared on Valheim’s slice of Nexus Mods, including a pretty huge option that adds a ton of new modifiers and advanced building and editing modes to the Viking game.

NX_/NXxyz’s Valheim Plus mod is “aimed at improving the gameplay quality and quality of life in Valheim”, the modder says, and “includes several configurable settings, a multiplayer shared map system, and an advanced building mode”. The list detailing what this means in practice is pretty staggering in scope. Added features include a range of modifiers so you can tinker a whole bunch of gameplay aspects, such as food duration, the speed and output of fermenters, furnaces, and beehives, and kilns’ efficiency (and how much wood they can take).

The mod also lets you alter items’ weight by a percentage, increase item stack sizes, halt the deterioration of your buildings’ parts by weather, and modify the maximum number of players on your server, among other things. Plus, it adds a “shared map system with a setting that respects player map visibility settings”, though you’ll “only get map progression when you are online”.

Additionally, an Advanced Building mode gives you more control over how you, well, build stuff. It works by letting you “freeze” the item in build mode and modify its position and rotation using a bunch of inputs. You can check a snapshot of this out in action via the Imgur embed below:

The mod’s Advanced Editing mode works similarly, letting you tinker with objects’ positioning and rotation, giving you more say over how you move and place your items – though it’s worth noting this mode won’t work if you’re in build mode at the time.

If you’re keen to find out more or grab the mod for yourself, you can find the mod at Nexus Mods here. As ever, mod with caution! And, be sure to take a good peek at our Valheim weapons, Valheim server, and Valheim building guides while you’re here for some handy tips.