Valheim fan has recreated The Witcher 3’s Kaer Trolde and it looks ace

One of The Witcher 3's most beautiful locations has come to the popular Viking game

The port city of Kaer Trolde in The Witcher 3 recreated in Valheim

While you can busy yourself with plenty of adventuring and monster slaying in Valheim, it’s the building that I often enjoy most. Travelling offers plenty of surprising twists and goofs of your own making, but creating is when the game slows down and you can unwind or catch up with friends. You’ve also got a thriving community on Reddit that shares plenty of gorgeous creations of its own. We recently got a build inspired by For Honor, and now we can add a popular location from The Witcher to that list.

Reddit user m3k6c9hl has shared some impressive in-progress shots of their build of The Witcher 3’s Kaer Trolde. The impressive structure is nestled into the side of a snowy mountain, offering a clear view of all the surrounding lands – that is, when the weather suits. Plenty is going on inside, too. M3k6c9hl has put together an impressive-looking banquet hall with a horseshoe of long tables looking into a central feast.

If you need a refresher, the port city Kaer Trolde sits on the coast of Ard Skellig in The Witcher. The Jarl of Skellige’s fleet use the port as a dock, so longships and triremes are a common sight. A castle, the city’s citadel and seat of the jarls of Clan an Craite, provides the inspiration for this build so far.

Check it out:

My recreation of Kaer Trolde from The Witcher 3 so far. from valheim

Valheim is still receiving a steady stream of updates following its launch last year. We got the Hearth and Home update near the end of 2021, and The Mistlands update is coming early this year, according to the developers.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the Valheim roadmap if you’re curious to see what’s on the horizon. For more Viking games to keep you busy while you wait, though, you can follow that link.

Image credits: m3k6c9hl / Imgur