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Valheim’s Mountain biome update is coming “early next year”

The Valheim devs have provided a fresh look at the upcoming Mountain biome update

Exploring the upcoming Mountain caves in Valheim

Valheim‘s next new biome, the Mistlands, won’t land for some time, but the devs announced a couple of months ago that we’ll be getting some smaller biome updates to keep us occupied in the meantime. The first of these is a Mountain update which will add caves to the region, and as the devs explain in a new development blog, this patch is due to launch in early 2022.

The Mountain update is “getting more and more complete,” as Iron Gate explains. “We aim to be able to release it early next year, but until then we thought we’d give you yet another sneak peek.” The preview includes a pair of screenshots. One shows a number of large stone tablets engraved with runes, and the other shows what looks like an entire underground temple. It looks like there’s more to this update than just caves.

“As the development of the caves is gradually progressing,” the devs continue, “that means more and more energy can be focused on the Mistlands update. There’s a lot to be done in order to bring you a whole biome, as we need to establish everything from resources and new things to craft, to enemies and the big bad boss, but we’re really liking what we have so far!”

You can see the big new Mountain temple below.

A temple in Valheim's Mountain biome update

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