How to tame lox in Valheim and ride them with a saddle

Once tame, these formidable beasts could become your closest friends - you can even breed lox to make a cute calf

Wondering how to tame lox in Valheim? Lox are large, lumbering beasts that inhabit the Plains biome in Valheim, and they’re known for their aggressive behaviour toward players. These furry reptiles have a lot of health, and deal significant damage if they chomp or stamp on you. However, under all that tough, leathery hide holds a heart that can be won over, if you have the patience – and their favourite food, of course.

Players have been able to tame lox since the game was first released, but it’s not until the Hearth and Home update that it became particularly useful to make friends with them. This update introduces the ability to breed two lox together to create cute little lox calves, and to strap a saddle on their back and ride them triumphantly around the map.

Of course, before you’re able to create lox babies or turn one into your personal mode of transportation, you need to tame the lox. Here’s everything you need to know about lox taming in Valheim, and how to rename, ride, and breed lox.

How to tame Valheim lox

To tame a lox in Valheim, the first task is to contain them. If it’s able to run around freely, you risk being trampled as you try to tame it. To trap the lox, construct a stone pen or dig a pit, and then lead or harpoon them inside. If you don’t have any means of trapping it, you can try to sneak up on it; leave food near them, and run away before they get you, but don’t blame us if you become a snack yourself.

Once they’re contained, drop cloudberries, barley, or flax on the ground for them to eat, and then back away so they calm down enough to consume it. As they become tamed, yellow hearts appear around them. To check how tame they are, approach it carefully – a percentage bar appears when you’re close to it.

Eventually, the lox becomes tame, and you can safely approach it and pet it. Hold left shift while interacting with your pet lox to name it.

A Valheim lox with a calf in a pen

How to breed Valheim lox

Breeding lox is the same as breeding other Valheim animals; simply gather two lox close together, and leave food on the ground for them. Once they both consume the food and love hearts appear, they will produce a lox calf.

How to ride Valheim lox with a saddle

To craft a lox saddle, you need ten leather scraps, 15 black metal, and 20 linen thread. Linen thread is obtained from flax, using a spinning wheel.

Put the saddle in your toolbar, and then approach the lox to saddle them and ride them around. Hold W to walk forward, and the right mouse button to turn. As you ride them, you will gain riding skill, which improves your ability to turn. Press the S key to stop moving – unfortunately you can’t put a lox in reverse.

You must dismount before attacking enemies, but if you press the shift key, your lox will charge forward, dealing damage to everything in its path.

That’s everything you need to know about taming lox in Valheim – if you’re exploring the updated content, here’s how to find a thunder stone and craft an obliterator. If you’re wondering if you have the gear to face the plains biome, check out our Valheim armour and Valheim weapons guides.