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Valheim thunder stone - how to make an obliterator

Here's where to find a thunder stone in Valheim to forge the obliterator

A Viking standing in a forge at night time in Valheim

The Valheim Hearth and Home update has finally arrived and with it comes a brand new machine, the obliterator – and to forge it, you need a new item called a thunder stone. There are plenty of other new items to play with in the Hearth and Home update, as well as new recipes, weapon and food rebalancing, and even the ability to name your tamed pets!

True to its name, the obliterator destroys all those annoying items you’ve had lying around since day one. Picked up too many bones in a crypt hunting frenzy to find Bonemass? Found you’ve returned to base with one too many boar trophies? Well, the obliterator is great for Valheim veterans, who’ve accumulated too many items, resulting in a lot of spare rooms full of weirdly labelled chests.

To add the obliterator to your grand hall (or your well organised smithy) you first need a forge, eight iron, and four copper, and one thunder stone. So, where do you find a thunder stone in Valheim, and how much will it set you back?

Where to find a thunder stone in Valheim

You can find a thunder stone by visiting the trader. You should have already visited him before, to get your hands on a megingjord to carry extra items.

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The thunder stone costs 50 gold coins, but luckily thanks to the Hearth and Home update, you can sort all of your gold coins into neat little piles and store them behind iron gates.

If you need somewhere fancy to put your new obliterator, check our Valheim building guide for tips.