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Valheim Mistlands release date, enemies, crafting, and more

The Valheim Mistlands release date has been and gone, so here is what players were expectiing with new biomes, enemies, crafting, mechanics, and more.

Valheim Mistlands release date, enemies, crafting, and more: An image from in front of a Mistlands dungeon.

When was the Valheim Mistlands release date? It’s been a while since we first heard about the Mistlands update, and, as it turned out, it was quite a doozy, introducing players to a slew of new mechanics, enemies, aesthetics, and much more.

Valheim isn’t a place for the faint of heart, so even now, if you’re new to the game or returning after a long hiatus, you’ll have your work cut out as you explore Mistlands’ new biome. Here’s everything we knew leading up to the Valheim Mistlands release date, what the update contained, and more.

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Valheim Mistlands release date

The Valheim Mistlands release date was Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Players got early access to the update via a public testing beta, in which player feedback was incorporated and changes pushed until it was in a state to push the content to the main game.

Prior to release, Valheim’s Mistlands update release date was surrounded in mystery. The official Valheim Discord offered no set date for game updates for quite some time, simply stating that “updates will be released when they’re ready!” However, the team has heavily implied the Valheim Mistlands update would be available sometime in 2022, and there are only a few weeks left in the calendar year.

Previous patches to the test beta did go live within a few weeks of each other. For example, a patch pushed to the test server on June 3, 2022, was pushed to the main game on June 20, 2022. Using this as a guide, since the public beta went live on November 22, we initially guessed that the Valheim Mistlands update would appear in the main game in mid-December. As it turns out, we were just a few days short with our prediction.

Valheim Mistlands release date, enemies, crafting, and more: An environmental image of the Mistlands.

Valheim Mistlands gameplay mechanics

The Mistlands update introduced several new mechanics, which for new explorers will be essential to know as you explore the biome:

  • Wisplight: The Mistlands are misty. With the update, you’ll be able to clear it using Wisps, which you can use to build a torch to cause the mist to disappear. You’ll also be able to make a Wisp fountain to farm Wisps.
  • Magic: Eating foods with a new substance called Eitr fuels you with magic. You’ll have to work hard to harvest Eitr, which is challenging in the Mistlands. You can create magic staffs, which you’ll also need to craft from new items throughout the biome. Further, using magic will drain your HP, so you’ll also need to keep track of that.
  • Mushroom farming: You can now farm Mistlands mushrooms.
  • Poultry farming: Find an egg to grow and raise chickens, which you can kill to include in food items.
  • Friendly/unfriendly NPCs: In the Mistlands, you’ll encounter creatures called Dvergrs. They are initially friendly, but they house resources you need, and if you attack them or damage their property, they become hostile.

Valheim Mistlands release date, enemies, crafting, and more: A Viking encounters a Dvergr.

Valheim Mistlands new creatures

Unless you’re a seasoned Valheim player, you’re likely to struggle when encountering the creatures of the Mistlands. There are a total of nine new creatures:

  • Seeker: A large, aggressive insect-like creature. Combat them with fire, frost, poison, or lightning damage.
  • Seeker Brood: A small Seeker found in the Mistlands’ infested mine dungeons.
  • Seeker Brute: The largest and most powerful type of Seeker.
    Gjall: These beings fly through the air and spew an acid-like substance at players.
  • Tick: A large version of the common insect.
  • Hare: A harmless creature found traversing the Mistlands.
  • Hen (and Chick): Can be used as a food crafting item. You must find an egg first, which you can pick up from Haldor, the merchant.
  • Dvergr Rogue/Dvergr Mage (NPC/enemy): Initially friendly but can turn hostile, as described above.Munin, Raven of Lore: Similar to Hugin, bringing information to the player.
  • The Queen (boss): Find this boss by visiting the infested mine dungeon to find a boss marker. You’ll need to use the new Galdr table to craft a Sealbreaker key out of nine sealbreaker fragments. For the best chance of beating her, craft a feather cape and bring a wisplight to protect against the mist.

Valheim Mistlands release date, enemies, crafting, and more: A staircase in the Mistlands.

Valheim Mistlands crafting updates

Valheim Mistlands features 20 new crafting materials, which you can use to build new workstations, armor, weapons, building items, food, and much more.

Some of the new core materials include black marble and Yggdrasil wood. Use black marble to build a black forge, which you can upgrade with a black forge cooler. The black marble forge allows players to build 14 new construction pieces, such as walls, floors, and support beams. Other environmental materials will allow you to build a Galdr table and rune table extension. There’s also a new cauldron extension, an Eitr refiner, and other miscellaneous items. You can now create more defensive pieces, such as a ballista, which you can fuel with ammunition and a trap.

And, of course, there are numerous new craftable weapons and items. Some of the most interesting include an Arbalest crossbow, magical staffs, an Eitr-based armor set, and carapace defensive items and armor made from Seeker materials.

The game also contains new food options, which you’ll need as fuel as you traverse the Mistlands. Some of these include Misthare Supreme, Yggdrasil porridge, and Magecap. The game also introduces three new potions.

Valheim Mistlands release date, enemies, crafting, and more: A dock in the Mistlands.

Fishing, character, console commands, and other improvements

In addition to the Mistlands biome content, the Valheim team introduced a few additional updates. There are now several different fish types and reworked fishing mechanics. The game also has new craftable baits for each biome, and leveling up fishing skills will increase stamina and pull time while fishing. Players can mount fish on item stands, and larger fish offer more food.

There are now also more choices in terms of their character customization. Developers introduced several new hairstyles and beard styles to ensure your Viking looks as Viking-like as possible, along with 12 new emotes so you can blow kisses at your friends or flex on your enemies.

There was also more lore added to the game with different dream descriptions, new Mistlands music, new dungeons, and new events called ‘What’s up gjall?’ and ‘They sought you out.’ Haldor, the game’s merchant, will also increase the number of inventory items as you progress through the game’s bosses.

The team also made updates to Valheim console commands and command improvements, such as changing “killall” to separate commands to “killenemies” and “killtamed.” The game no longer uses a stamina usage multiplier when running uphill and reworked some knockback mechanics.

That’s everything we knew about the Valheim Mistlands release date and features. If you’re still getting to grips with the base game, make sure you check out our guides to the Valheim weapons, the best armor, and a complete Valheim building guide if you need to construct a base.