Valheim modder adds D&D-style followers

You can now call upon a ranger, knight, warrior, sage, scholar, and thief with this mod to protect your base or join you on an adventure

Valheim can be a meditative experience when playing solo, but you’re a tad gubbed if you get into trouble and need some help. As ever, though, there’s now a mod to help you with that.

Salpati’s Fantasy Followers Pack adds the ability to spawn RPG-style companions that can protect your base while you’re away or follow you about. Each fills a specific role and comes with a custom set of abilities, weapons, and armour. Erandil is a ranger who wields a bow, Derian is a knight who uses his shield to protect you from arrows, and Sinduel is a magic-using scholar who is really into jam. You’ve also got companions who fill the warrior, sage, and thief roles. Mind you, the thief is known for snatching the odd grilled neck tail so keep your wits about you.

Once you have the mod downloaded, you can spawn in your chosen companion by building a totem once you have the needed materials. The only way to despawn the follower is to let them perish in battle, though, so, uh, choose wisely.

If you don’t like the idea of retrieving your body again from the Plains again, you can find the mod here alongside instructions on how to download it.

One Valheim player and two followers spawning using a mod go on an adventure

Developer Iron Gate recently revealed that Valheim’s Mountain biome update is coming “early next year”, though we have armour stands and Christmas items to keep us busy over the holidays while we wait.

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