Valheim mod adds 66 Norse inspired food recipes to the survival RPG

A Valheim mod pitched as a lore-friendly approach to meals aims to give players of the survival RPG more flexibility in food crafting with over 60 new recipes

Valheim mod 'Valheim Cuisine' - a red-haired figure in a hood stands before a bowl of green and yellow 'Yggdrasil Porridge' in a large banquet hall

A new Valheim mod is spicing up dinner time in the Norse survival game with over 60 new lore-friendly meals that offer a little more flexibility in your food. The mod draws inspiration from a range of Nordic delicacies and even throws in some nods to Norse mythology while remaining in-keeping with the game’s tone. It offers special meals for all of the Biomes including the new Valheim Mistlands, along with some banquet options to treat yourself in the late-game.

The Valheim Cuisine mod comes from creator XutzBR, who says that their mod is aimed to “grant a different approach on meals, especially if you’re tired of gathering specific items to make specific recipes.” By offering a wider range of options to craft, you’ll likely be able to find something that suits your needs that you can quickly grab the ingredients for, with options to make more advanced meals if you want to invest a bit more time.

There are recipes designed around the food you’ll find in each of the game’s biomes, from the likes of Neck Soup and Boar Svid (a traditional Icelandic food made from animal head) in the Meadows through to a range of fish chowders and stews aimed at rewarding fishing in the Ocean biome. There are quite a few non-meat options, too, if you prefer to try and live a vegetarian Valheim lifestyle.

As you’d expect, each meal offers a range of bonus health and stamina, along with some healing. In addition, a few offer bonus effects such as the Miner’s Infusion, made from roots and a Surtling trophy in the Plains. Once you get to the Mistlands, several of the recipes will also give you Eitr, the resource used to use Valheim’s magic weapons.

There are broths designed to match the food of the Dvergr, and even the option to craft everyone’s favourite medieval TikTok special, Cream Bastarde (a mix of egg whites, milk, and honey, usually served with fruit). If you’re wondering where to find milk in Valheim, it’s actually a new resource introduced with this mod, and is dropped by Lox.

There are also legendary recipes, which generally require a bit more work to put together, and will require you to put together a special ‘secret seasoning’ on top of the other ingredients. Finally, you can combine multiple meals to create late-game, multi-course ‘banquets’ that offer particularly high stats, but will cause a decrease in movement speed. After all, who’d want to run about after finishing an especially big meal?

If you’re feeling hungry, check out the Valheim Cuisine mod at Nexus Mods.

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