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Iron Gate just released a tiny troll and more Valheim plushies

Valheim fans have been DIY-ing them for years, but the Viking survival game finally released an official set of fluffy mob plushies.

Valheim Troll

If you’ve always wanted to cuddle the deadly mobs in survival game Valheim, now’s your chance; the official Valheim merch store added three adorable plushies to their stock, including a purple Neck, a fluffy Lox, and a Troll Trophy keychain. That’s right, the troll plushie is actually just its decapitated head – but it looks cute nonetheless.

As Valheim remains one of the most popular survival games on PC, most reactions to the new plushie collection seemed positive, although a few commentators on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out that they don’t come cheap, with one user calling the $80 price tag “a bit ridiculous.”

Others had trouble identifying the Neck plushie, which usually appears either green or blue in the game. As it turns out, the pink plushie design was inspired by a rare two-star Neck instead of an ordinary one, which is an extremely rare creature spawn. 

The Lox, however, is unmistakably a Lox, complete with yellow eyes, brown fur, and a harness for riding.

Valheim Lox plushie

Interestingly, these aren’t the first Valheim plushies to see the light of day. A quick look on Reddit shows a variety of homemade Valheim plushies, such as this crafty Greyling design

The Valheim plushie collection was announced through Valheim’s social media channels on March 18, 2024, and includes a link to their official merchandise store. If you’re interested in a Valheim plushie, here’s what they cost:

  • Troll keychain: $19.90/£16.00
  • Neck plushie: $69.00/£56.00
  • Lox plushie: $79.00/£64.00

If these plushies have inspired you to jump back into the Valheim servers of the Tenth Norse Realm, make sure you’ve got some epic Valheim mods installed.

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