The best Valheim servers 2023

If you’re looking for vanilla or modded PvE, PvP, roleplay or just a place to build, you’ll find it in our list of the top Valheim servers to join in 2023.

What are the best Valheim servers to join in 2023? We’ve scoured the internet looking for the top Valheim servers and server groups to cater for all experiences, whether you’re looking for a stable and supported vanilla experience like the excellent and populous Jotunheim, some modded PvE, dedicated PvP duelling arenas, or just a place to build peacefully.

Valheim is one of the best sandbox games and survival games on PC. After an unusually full-featured early access launch in February 2021 it became an almost overnight success, offering the compelling premise of a deadly quest through a new realm of the Norse afterlife rendered in a uniquely beautiful art style, plus survival and building mechanics with great Valheim mods options. It’s the perfect game to play in a persistent online community, but in all such games, everyone’s preferences are a little different. Navigating the resulting landscape can be confusing, and that’s where we come in. Read on for our list of some of the best and most populated Valheim community servers, and a breakdown of exactly what they offer to the discerning player.

Here are the best Valheim servers to join in 2023:


Consistently at the top of server directories for player count and boasting many rave reviews, Jotunheim may be Valheim’s pre-eminent community server right now. The goal of its dedicated team is simply “to provide a vanilla experience for all players to enjoy without fear of griefing or cheaters.” A ton of thoughtful support ensures a smooth experience that scales with a growing community – the server has seen peak concurrent player counts around 130, which is a lot for Valheim – including robust anti-cheat, server restarts to help with lag, and regular world backups enabling the restoration of destroyed buildings without a rollback.

There are dedicated zones for PvP, including custom arenas and a ‘PvP island’, but otherwise the focus skews to PvE, community events, and building. There are some amazing player builds to explore including entire new cities, you’ll find new quests and world events to enjoy, and some players will even act as traders, exchanging resources for coin. If you’re looking for vanilla Valheim with top-notch support and community, Jotunheim is the best first place to start.

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Comfy Valheim

Comfy Valheim is another leading vanilla server with a particular emphasis on relaxed and non-toxic community vibes. Intensive moderation and applicant screening – including interviews – filters not only for griefers and trolls, but min-maxers and try-hards too. Despite this, Comfy Valheim has achieved real scale, with dozens of players active at any given time and concurrent peaks over 150 near the launch of new ‘eras’ – the server term for each new reset of its world seed, which occurs periodically.

On the server itself you’ll find largely vanilla gameplay but with a ton of cool additions, such as seven custom guilds to join and more than 70 custom world events including dungeons, mazes, parkour, puzzles, and more. There’s generous support for builders too, with thoughtful build protections and support for a custom mod named Comfy Gizmo to let you rotate build pieces at new angles. Definitely worth a look if you want build-friendly, casual vanilla gameplay with a chilled community.

Best valheim servers: a home with a large table, stools, and decadent lighting in the tyrehnheim server


Tyrenheim is a relatively new server that provides a happy middle ground between vanilla servers and those more heavily altered with the best Valheim mods. Reviews at community sites are full of praise for its “impossibly” active and helpful admins and its friendly community, which is probably why it’s seeing consistent populations despite its youth. Mods are noticeable but light of touch, adding new events and dungeons and dialling the difficulty up a notch or two, but otherwise leaving the vanilla experience and gameplay intact. It welcomes builders too, with an unlimited build limit and new build pieces. Recommended for those who want an ‘enhanced vanilla’ experience.

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Arkadia is a server group that offers a much more heavily modded experience than Jotunheim or Comfy Valheim. Mods include all-new custom weapons and monsters, new biomes, . The admin team have also put a lot of care into rebalancing the content and items and continue to do so, so you’ll find the tweaks go beyond simply adding new content. Arkadia offers a seasonal server that resets every so often, as well as a permanent server that will never wipe for those of you who like to make a lasting impact.

The group is progress-oriented and heavy on challenge, so while solo is possible, you’re advised to bring a friend and/or make some. Recommended for those who want additional and remixed content from the base game with a dash of added difficulty.

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Valhalla Dedicated

Relatively recently established, Valhalla is an impressive operation already developing a reputation for its thoughtful value-added features, professional operation, and welcoming, creative community, who have blessed its permanent main server with some breathtaking builds (a new server with seasonal rotations is also available for those who like a fresh start).

It’s a modded PvE server and you’ll notice the thoughtful quality-of-life mods from the start – otherwise, the core experience of moving from Meadows to Mistlands is kept relatively true to vanilla. It’s only then that the extended experience begins, with hundreds of new quests, dungeons, and RPG adventures, as well as dedicated events for PvP, battle arenas, and even farmer’s market Saturdays. There’s even a transmog system. Reviews on community sites are breathless with praise – definitely one to check out if you fancy an extended and customised PvE experience.

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Alfheim MMO by Unova Legends

A heavily modded server that aims, as you might guess, to transform Valheim into an MMO. You can expect tons of new content typical to massively multiplayer games, including 12 unique character classes, new loot and new /tiers/ of loot to extend the grind, new build items, dozens of new NPC quests, new custom monsters and bosses, new dungeons and puzzles, new biomes, a casino and a trading post to sell things to other players, server-exclusive rideable creatures, holiday events, and new systems such as jewel crafting.

Reviews are full of praise for the friendly, creative community and attentive mods. If Arkadia is Valheim but with added content and a little extra difficulty, Alfheim is Valheim with lots of extra content that skews towards MMOs in its nature. If you like how it’s handled, Alfheim’s owners, Unova Legends, operate servers in a number of other games, including Minecraft and Ark Survival Evolved.

That’s all for the best Valheim servers to join, but if you’re looking for more ways to customize your gaming experience why not check out our list of Valheim console commands and cheats, or find the best Valheim seeds to optimize your survival attempts.