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This Valorant player competed from a hospital bed and still won

Valorant player Nishil Shah has impressed the FPS game's developer Riot Games after competing from a hospital bed and winning, despite his ongoing condition

This Valorant player competed from a hospital bed and still won: a photo of Nishil smiling from their hospital bed, with a laptop and mouse in front of them, after playing Valorant

Valorant player Nishil Shah has set a new benchmark by thrashing his opponents from a hospital bed on a low-end gaming rig. Valorant players are highly dedicated at the best of times, and thanks to Riot’s low-scale tournaments and circuits, aspiring FPS pros have found a way to fulfill their dreams. But, competition at the grassroots is cut-throat, and sometimes you might have to play from a hospital bed to keep up. Riot’s direct monitoring helps keep things in order at a higher level, but college Valorant is a different story.

Nishil Shah has made Valorant history by wiping out collegiate enemies while being admitted to hospital.

Shah competes in the Collegiate Valorant Circuit from Old Dominion University, Virginia. Unfortunately, his team’s journey in CVAL was jeopardized when Nishil was admitted to a hospital due to a health emergency. He was bedfast with Pancreatitis and wasn’t precisely in the best physical shape. So naturally, ODU had first tried to request a reschedule, but to no avail. West Virginia Wesleyan Esports, ODU’s opponents, refused to change the timing.

“People laugh at the GC scene but it’s genuinely nothing compared to what I see in Collegiate every day. Unmeasurable ego’s from players with zero experience, Esport Directors beefing like children on the timeline, teams refusing emergency reschedules with a player in the ER,” Nishil’s teammate Veer said.

However, nothing changed for ODU, as the team still managed to beat them in a clean sweep. ODU came out on top with a 2-0 scoreline, with Nishil as their star performer who played on subpar ping and below-average gaming setup. His food tray served as a gaming table, whereas his sister’s laptop sleeve was his mousepad. Nevertheless, Nishil wiped out the enemies on his laptop, setting a new benchmark in Valorant grind culture.

His CVAL tournament wasn’t the only thing Nishil won that day. The aspiring pro has also landed under Riot’s spotlight, earning the coveted fist bump gun buddy and some extra Valorant points for shopping. So while competing in sickness might not have been a stellar experience, Nishil has undoubtedly made the most out of it.

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