New Valorant bundle includes cutest gun buddy of all time

Riot's latest Valorant bundle celebrates the Lunar New Year, and 2023's exclusive gun buddy is easily the cutest one in the FPS game so far.

New Valorant bundle includes cutest gun buddy of all time: A woman with black hair in a ponytail with her fringe covering her face looks into the camera on a deep blue and red background

The new Lunar New Year-inspired Valorant bundle contains one of the cutest gun buddies in Riot’s FPS game thus far, and it’s an absolute must have for fans of all things fluffy and bouncy.

This year is represented by the rabbit, so just as with the Celestial bundle in 2021 and the Tigris skins in 2022, 2023’s Lunar New Year Valorant skins are inspired by the adorable little bouncing mammal.

Entitled ‘Luna,’ the skins themselves are a little reminiscent of Reaver or Ruination, but stray away from the darker themes of their predecessors with swirling golden inlays and sleek aquamarine bodies. The melee is a nasty looking curved dagger that glows an ominous neon blue, and is perfect for those who love dual-sided knives.

The real standout of the bundle, however, is the gun buddy. Much like the tiny bull that accompanied the Celestial skins, this year we have an adorable little white rabbit that, when players fire their weapons, turns into a particularly angry looking blue version of itself.

While I’m not exactly enamoured with the bundle itself, I’m absolutely in love with the buddy. I remember logging on specifically to pick up the bull back in the day when I didn’t even buy anything from the bundle, and I can see me doing the exact same this year.

Sure it’s just a gun buddy, but I’m really glad to see something a little different in Valorant. None of the recent bundles have really bowled me over, and while the battle pass accessories are fun they’re just that: accessories. This little charm feels reminiscent of the good ol’ days of Valorant, and that’s exciting.

If you’re looking to follow in my footsteps and dive back in to pick up the Luna gun buddy, be sure to check out our rundown of the Valorant ranks if you fancy some competitive multiplayer game action. Our Valorant tier list will also help you pick the best Valorant characters to lock in – after all, no point in having a cute gun buddy if you can’t flex it!