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Valorant Chamber nerfs aren’t “too much,” say Riot

Valorant's Chamber nerfs are exactly what Riot's flagship FPS needs, but some are concerned that the team has gone a bit too far with their adjustments

Valorant chamber nerfs sentinel agent with moon behind him

French Sentinel Agent, Chamber, is perfect for climbing the Valorant ranked ladder because of just how powerful he is. Riot is finally looking to nerf the suave sharpshooter, but some are concerned that their proposed changes will relegate him to the bottom of Alpha Earth’s tier list.

Characterized by his flashy golden guns and abrasive personality, Valorant’s resident Frenchman and marksman extraordinaire, Chamber, has dominated the game’s ever-changing meta since his release in November, 2021.

Walking away from Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 2 with the highest pick rate, the devs promised that they would look into adjusting his seemingly overpowered kit in order to take him down a few pegs.

These changes have come to fruition, as a series of hard-hitting nerfs have just landed on the PBE. Some, however, are concerned that Riot is being a bit too harsh on Chamber, prompting responses from game designer, Penguin.

The proposed changes for the ever-dominant Valorant Agent span two separate tweets, with every single one of his abilities taking an arrow to the proverbial knee (or baguette, in this case).

Community manager Jeff Landa lists off every change to the character’s kit. With his Headhunter bullets now costing 150 credits over 100 and his Tour de Force Ultimate now costing 8 points instead of 7, there are a whole slew of different changes.

While many will be elated to see the character finally get nerfed, others remain somewhat sceptical. “As a Chamber main, I agree he needs some nerfs but nerfing every single thing in his kit is too much…” comments one, while another writes “if you’re nerfing him this much so other Sentinels can be played, doesn’t that just mean Sentinels in general are super weak? And now they’ll be played even less now that Chamber isn’t super strong anymore.”

These concerns were quickly addressed by Penguin, who took to the game’s competitive subreddit to extinguish the flames of panic.

“Maybe unpopular opinion but I think this is way too much in one go and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a big overnerf,” notes one fan, to which Penguin replies “I will write you a formal apology letter if this is a big overnerf. Mods, I give you permission to ban me if I bamboozle.”

Riot seems confident that these Chamber nerfs will balance the pesky Parisian without nerfing him into the ground, but we’ll just have to wait and see where the PBE tests get us. Until then, you can play him at his own game by popping heads by using the best Valorant crosshairs in the business.