Valorant Jett guide: Cloudburst and Updraft spots

The aerial ace has a high skill ceiling, but with practice she's one of the best fraggers in Valorant

Jett guide Valorant

Jett is Valorant’s resident rusher. With the ability to quickly smoke off areas with her Cloudburst ability, dart into the fray with Tailwind, and leap up to a powerful new position with Updraft, none of the Valorant characters can match Jett for mobility. If you learn the right routes you can seamlessly traverse high positions with her hover ability, and if you need to deal damage then her ult – Blade Storm – is a round winner in the right hands.

If you’re thinking about maining Jett, understanding the most effective ways to use all of her abilities is key, not to mention learning their nuances – for example, very few people make use of Jett’s ability to curve her Cloudbursts around corners.

Compared to Valorant’s Sage, there are far fewer cute tricks you can play with Jett’s abilities unless you really master that Cloudburst flick. However, there’s still plenty to learn when it comes to Jett, so keep reading for a rundown of her abilities and how to use all of them.

Jett Cloudburst

You can buy two Cloudbursts per round and they cost 200 credits each, leaving you with plenty of spare credits to buy the best Valorant guns. These are only active for a few seconds so you can’t afford to miss them if you’re chaining these together, likewise you’ll need to be close to the area you’re pushing.

These are effectively instant impact smoke bombs, which means they can pretty much only be used with line of sight. However, if you hold the left mouse button as you fire a Cloudburst you can actually steer it. This is extremely useful, but also extremely difficult. Because of that skill cap, we’ve not got any pro Cloudburst spots to show you, but we do have some examples of how they can help you control an area without exposing yourself.

Jett Cloudburst spots

We’ll start off with a nice simple Cloudburst on Bind that blocks off A heaven for a few seconds. This one can be pulled off easily and without line of sight, making it great for a solo push or to support a push from showers.

Sticking with Bind, but this time switching to a showers push on A. This is one way to use the Cloudburst flick – the resulting cloud blocks off A heaven, allowing you to push straight right or even Tailwind over to the crates at the centre of site.

Of course, if you want to use all three Cloudbursts in quick succession then here’s a prime example of where to drop them. This is from the hookah perspective when attacking B on Bind.

Finally, we’ll show you how Cloudburst and Tailwind and work together with a simple B site rush on Split. It’s key that you have a second gunner working with you on these types of pushes – wait for the smoke to clear then start shooting, this is when your partner should swing around to support you.

Jett Updraft

Updraft is Jett’s vertical movement ability and allows you to reach high up places, usually any double-stacked crates. This ability can be purchased twice per round and costs 150 credits each. The most obvious way to use Updraft is to move up to an unexpected angle and hope to catch attacking players off guard – it’s a bit of a camper’s tool.

However, this is also a valuable traversal too that allows you to rotate around sites in unconventional ways. Whether that’s avoiding the rope climb on Split’s B site or zooming up and over a Sage Barrier Orb.

We’ve also found that you can use Updraft and hover in tandem to push enemies from up high. This is pretty difficult as your Valorant spray patterns while hovering are horribly inaccurate, but with a supporting push on the ground you’ll catch plenty of overzealous enemies unaware.

Jett Updraft spots

The first spot to use is in the mid lane for Split in a rarely checked hiding spot on the attacking side. Whether you’re just planning to watch for rotations or want to make some money on an eco round, this will do the trick.

If you want to get an idea of how to move around sites in a less conventional way then here’s how you can quickly rotate from B long to heaven on Split without going around the front of the site.

Finally, you can combine Updraft with Jett’s hover ability to make an unexpected push. You won’t get away with doing this more than once, but it’s great when it works – we’ve managed to get behind a couple of players doing this stealthily.

Jett Tailwind

Jett’s rush ability is on a simple cooldown and should be used for darting between cover or for rushing straight from spawn and into any dawdling players who aren’t expecting anyone at site so fast. It’s simple and easy to use, but there’s a synergy with Cloudburst that we’ll showcase below that allows you to rush in and plant without actually having to get site control.

Naturally, this requires some team support.

The other way to play Jett’s Tailwind is to hold aggressive and unconventional angles. Most players will avoid this as they can easily be flushed out with a bit of utility, however Jett’s Tailwind allows her to escape any utility that’s dumped her way. Sit in an exposed spot, grab a quick kill, and Tailwind out of there to give your team an advantage.

Jett Blade Storm

There’s not too much to learn about Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate. You get five very damaging throwing knives that reset when you get a kill with them. A dagger to the head is lethal, two to the body will get a kill, or you can throw all of your remaining daggers at once which widens the spread a little bit.

The daggers work really well with Updraft as Jett’s ult is 100% accurate even when moving. This accuracy also means you should play more aggressively than you normally would with this ult as you can shoot and move while your enemies can’t.

And that’s everything you need to learn how to play as Jett in Valorant. If you haven’t caught up with the FPS game in a long time, you may want to check out our Valorant characters guide to see who has been added to the game. We also have a Valorant tier list if you want to know which agents are the best right now.

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