Valorant patch notes – update 7.06 finally brings ranked restrictions

The latest round of Valorant patch notes bring much-needed ranked restrictions, with update 7.06 focusing on stamping out bots that have been used for boosting.

Valorant patch notes - update 7.06 finally brings ranked restrictions: A suave man wearing a white shirt with a blue waistcoat leaning on a golden gun stands next to a Chinese woman with blacj hair tied back in a white kimono conjuring a ball of ice in her right hand holding a rifle in her left

These are the Valorant patch notes I’ve been praying for. If you’re sick and tired of seeing bots in your ranked matches, then I have good news for you – Riot has placed new restrictions on high ELO ranked in an effort to combat the FPS game‘s botting problems. Forget a new agent, this is the Valorant update we need.

Every online multiplayer game has issues with botting and boosting, and Valorant is no exception. As the Episodes have progressed, however, Riot’s FPS has been hit time and time again with waves of bad actors, who consistently come up with new (and unfortunately improved) ways of cheating the game’s ranked system.

To combat this, patch 7.06 brings highly-anticipated ranked restrictions. Now, Ascendant players can only invite Platinum-level players or higher to their parties, meaning they won’t be able to boost low ELO players. It’s the fix we’ve all been waiting for, and one that Riot plans to keep an eye on going forward.

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Valorant 7.06 patch notes

Below are the full patch notes for the Valorant 7.06 update, courtesy of Riot Games:

General Updates

  • We’re implementing some updates to how we load your accessories, like gun buddies and weapons skins, so that it will reduce your load times. This will land mid-patch.

Agent Updates


  • We’ve updated Sage’s voice lines and added interaction lines with more Agents.

Competitive Updates

  • There has been a wave of competitive rank boosting with bots and real players. In an effort to protect against this abuse, we have introduced restrictions where Ascendant players and higher can only invite players with Platinum rank and higher to their competitive party.
  • We will continue to actively monitor botting abuse and ban any accounts suspicious of this behavior.

Gameplay Systems Updates

  • Made some back end updates for Combat Reports in order to fix instances where all the correct information wasn’t showing. Please let us know if there are any weird behaviors—especially after death and pre-round start.

Bug Fixes

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a rare bug where you would be revealed unintentionally in places that you shouldn’t be seen after purchasing a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spike plant and defuse UI bar did not appear for minimal HUD observers.
  • Fixed a bug where vision cones would flicker at the start of a round on Sunset.

All of these changes are perfect for those of you who are looking to climb through the Valorant ranks – especially now that Valorant Premier mode is out. If you’re planning on a ranked climb, though, it’s worth checking out our Valorant skins list – after all, to play your best you have to look your best.