Valorant reddit comes up with the perfect way to punish leavers

Valorant reddit has come up with a new formula to punish those who leave the game early, and they're pushing for Riot to implement it in their FPS game

Valorant Reddit devises the perfect way to punish leavers: Japanese Agent Yoru with black and blue slicked back hair and a blue combat jacket holds a blue floating orb in his hand while looking to the right

The Valorant reddit is one of the most active on the platform, allowing players of the FPS game to voice their opinions and sometimes get a response from Riot Games themselves. This time, players have taken aim at leavers, devising a new strategy that would help deter them from going AFK.

Every dedicated Valorant player has played in a nearly countless number of games where a teammate or opponent left the game mid-match, leading to a painful five vs four and an eventual loss for the team that was handicapped a player. It’s never fun for either side, and often ends up in one side forfeiting quite quickly.

One Valorant player was so fed up with this frequently happening and explained why developer Riot Games should target leavers with harsher penalties, and pointed out specifically what the company could do about it.

User Allheim said the quitter should get a massive RR loss, plus a queue time penalty so they can’t instantly hop back into another match. Players who were teamed up with the quitter would get the normal amount of RR lost, and non-party member teammates would get reduced RR loss.

In order to avoid quit-abusing, the leaver’s teammates would have to lose the normal amount of RR in order to make sure the system wouldn’t be abusable.

Allheim elaborated further on their rework of the punishment system and said, “They should add queue time penalty and put them into low-priority queue, just like the system they have in League of Legends, to avoid further instances of this happening.” Low-priority queue in League of Legends leads to increased queue times for players who leave matches early.

While they did say that RR loss reduction is “very, very unlikely,” they certainly believe it would help Valorant have a more healthy ranked system and reduce the overall number of AFKers on the ranked ladder.

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