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Valorant’s new Sarmad skins have completely divided fans

Valorant is well renowned for its ever-growing collection of weapon skins, but Riot's all-new Egyptian-inspired Sarmad skin bundle has failed to wow players

Valorant Sarmad skin bundle for melee knife frenzy phantom vandal spectre

Another day, another Valorant skin line, but the all-new Egyptian-style Sarmad skins have failed to impress like Riot hoped they would, dividing fans down the middle with their supposedly lacklustre design.

Accompanying the changes to Phoenix and Yoru in Valorant patch 5.01 are the new Sarmad skins, an Egyptian-inspired weapon collection decked out in all things golden.

While Riot has clearly been looking to add some majesty to the game’s ever-expanding cosmetic arsenal, it seems like these glittering goodies haven’t quite hit the mark with some players.

For every fan that loves them, there’s another that hates them, and the debate is tearing Alpha Earth apart.

Valorant Sarmad skins buried by fans

Writing in their announcement tweet that the “shifting dunes have revealed something special for your collection,” according to the responses it seems like Riot have overestimated just how much these newfound treasures are actually worth.

“The frenzy with the big ole cat is valid,” writes one fan. “Everything else is…” This is echoed by another player, who comments “you dropped a ball on these. Imagine having sand particles inside magazines and carved hieroglyphics through barrel. Also that Jade feels so out of place. I always buy anything ancient Egyptian in games… but not this time.”

Others, however, have been quick to praise the bundle; especially the dual melee weapons, the Blade of Serket. Inspired by the Egyptian Goddess of healing and magic, these nasty looking knives have become the bundle’s saving grace.

“Unpopular opinion: I really like the knife set,” one player admits, while a final response compares them to “Kabal’s hook sword from Mortal Kombat 11.”

Love them or loathe them, the skins will be in store from July 14, and will likely be around for a couple of weeks. They’re available for the Frenzy, Phantom, Spectre, Vandal and, of course, melee.

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