Valorant Viper lineup is perfect for locking wins on Icebox

This new Valorant Viper lineup for Icebox's A-site shows that she's truly the queen of the FPS game's post-plant meta - no wonder players despite her

Valorant Viper lineup is perfect for locking wins on Icebox: A woman with black hair in a bob and a gas mask glares past the camera

Valorant’s icy tundra Icebox is Viper’s home turf because of the lineups on offer. If any controller shines on the FPS game’s stark location, it’s the poison firebrand equipped with a unique Toxic Screen. Her smoke is equally powerful for not just blocking off the attackers but protecting the planted spike. So when four attackers die picking up unnecessary duels, Viper and her Snake Bite remain the last hope.


Lineup maestro Light has demonstrated a new setup that earns easy wins without aim duels. Planting the spike is likely the trickiest part of this setup, because this lineup is the otherwise easy to replicate.

This setup requires Viper’s Poison Cloud (smoke), Snake Bite (incendiary), and killer movement. Here’s how to execute it:

  • First, plant the Spike on top of the tower, in front of the window.
  • Drop your smoke orb atop the Spike
  • Then zipline your way back to the attacker side spawn
  • Attach yourself to the right entrance’s pillar
  • Place the crosshair at the edge of the ramp’s ledge, as shown in the video
  • Activate your smoke Orb and equip the incendiary
  • Launch the incendiary to burn off the defuser

The Snake Bite will land in the middle of the window, dealing heavy damage to the defender decaying inside the smoke orb. Viper’s Poison Cloud impairs the mercenaries like her pit, so any utility with bullet powder will quickly eradicate the decayed.

Unlike other post-plant lineups, this one works because it kills enemies quickly, reducing the risk of the spike being defused far away. To be safe, you may launch both the mollies with a few seconds gap to lock the round win. If you’re out of poison, Raze’s grenade, Sova’s dart, and Brimstone’s Molotov may do the same job.

While this is surely a helpful post-plant setup, we don’t recommend reproducing it without cover. You will need help to use the zipline and set up the first lineup to prevent being shot at. Still, it’s safe to use in one versus one situation if you have the enemy’s info.

Like playing Viper? Check out Valorant agent 21 Harbor, equipped with a screen similar to Viper. Of course, a good toolkit is nothing without great aim, so it’s worth taking a quick look at the best Valorant crosshairs and codes before you hop into competitive.