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Valorant patch notes - 6.06 update kills Gekko’s Wingman, literally

Riot's Valorant patch notes for the 6.06 update are pretty thin, but a change to new agent Gekko's Wingman means he won't be the lone survivor in the FPS game.

Valorant patch notes - 6.06 update kills Gekko's Wingman, literally: A small yellow bipedal slime creature holds an empty bubble tea carton in front of a trash can

While this round of Valorant patch notes is relatively slim, the biggest change is to the FPS game‘s new mascot, Wingman, the adorable bird-like slime creature that has been causing havoc since Gekko’s release.

While there aren’t many changes in patch 6.06, the main ones hit Gekko’s ‘lil bro, Mosh, and spike-planting, chaos-causing buddy Wingman.

Mosh’s damage to objects has been decreased from 2.5 to one to bring him more in line with robotic initiator KAY/O, as well as Breach’s infamous Aftershock.

Wingman, unfortunately, will now die if he is the last alive on the squad. While this saves you the guilt of shooting the little guy, I can’t help but feel a little bad for him – even if he’s diffusing the spike I just worked so hard to get onto site. He also won’t be able to concuss players who are outside of his range, which is very much a positive.

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Valorant patch notes – 6.06

Below are the full Valorant patch notes for the 6.06 update, courtesy of Riot Games.

Agent Updates


Mosh Pit (C)

  • Damage to objects has reduced 2.5x >>> 1x

Wingman (Q)

  • Wingman will now always die if he is last alive.

Map Updates


  • Updated the destruction VFX for the destructible door located between A Link to A Main in order to make it easier to see through as it falls away.

Gameplay Systems

  • Added the ability to hide Agent outlines and fresnel (the colour outline on Agents)
    • Go to Settings >> General >> Under “Other”, there is an option to toggle “Hide Outlines and Fresnel”.

Bug Fixes


  • Wingman can no longer concuss intangible players.


  • Fixed a bug preventing you from sending a whisper starting with a Circumflex Accent ^. You can now whisper cute emoticon faces to each other using ^w^.
  • Fixed a bug causing ping icons to be displayed even when someone was muted. Muting someone will now properly suppress ping icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the voice chat UI was obscured when your Agent was blinded. You can now see, even when your Agent can’t.
  • Fixed a bug where the join party button would still be active even though the party invite was no longer valid.
  • Fixed a bug where when searching your friends list, the number of people a friend is in a party with would not display correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling the social panel would sometimes scroll other UI elements like the Agent carousel.
  • Fixed a bug where the friends list was obscured when auto-reject friend requests was enabled.

While none of these changes will radically shake up the Valorant tier list, it’s worth loading up one of the best Valorant crosshairs to ensure that tiny changes like these don’t impact your game.