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Dev Days is another Valve series that isn’t getting a third instalment anytime soon

Dev Days

Valve won’t be running Dev Days again this year, and it probably won’t be returning in 2018 either. The event, which is a lot like Valve’s very own Game Developers Conference, has previously been used as a platform for announcing new games and hardware.

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It was initially thought that Dev Days would be taking place in 2017. Last year, it was suggested that while Valve wouldn’t be making specific announcements about their VR products in 2016. But Greg Coomer, who works on design and communication for the company, told Dev Days the 2016 Dev Days audience “nobody in this room is going to be disappointed,” with 2017’s announcements.

However, when Valve business team member Tom Giardino was recently asked via Twitter whether there would be a Dev Days in 2017 he said “Definitely not in 2017 and not very likely for 2018.”

That would suggest that Valve are still a long way off the three VR games they have in the works. And if you were still somehow holding out for Half-Life 3, I think you’ll be waiting a little longer yet.