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V Rising and Valheim have a rival in new vampire sandbox survival game

Vampire Dynasty, the latest entry in the long-running co-op sandbox survival RPG series, will arrive on Steam Early Access in late 2024.

Vampire Dynasty - A red-headed woman in a dark town street, blood smeared across her lips. A dark-haired man stands behind her.

V Rising, Vampyr, Castlevania, and of course the upcoming Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 – the legendary blood-sucking monsters are still as popular as ever. From the caves of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, through The Sims 4, and all the way to Baldur’s Gate 3, we really can’t get enough vampires in our lives. Enter Vampire Dynasty, the latest entry in the series of genre-blending, co-op sandbox RPG games, just announced and set to launch on Steam in 2024.

Slinking in the footsteps of the Farmer’s, Lumberjack’s, Medieval, and Sengoku Dynasty entries, Vampire Dynasty puts a more mythological spin on the multifaceted survival games. In the latest installment from Mehuman Games and Toplitz Productions, you’re a survivor of a vampire attack, and must deal with your newfound condition as you explore the mountain ranges, forests, dungeons, and swamps of Sangavia, a fictitious region set in the Balkans.

Alone or with your friends, you’ll be able to set up a camp, entice followers to join you, drain the blood of the innocent and the deserving to fuel your own vampiric powers, and of course build your own stunning stories-high castle worthy of Count Dracula himself. You’ll have to choose whether you want to be a benevolent leader to those you recruit, or a power-hungry tyrant ruling through fear, with multiple main story endings to discover before you continue to expand your reign ever further.

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Bitten and transformed against your will, the supernatural abilities you’ve gained will no doubt help you in your journey. From incredible strength and speed to enhanced perception and the ability to soar across the open world as a bat, Vampire Dynasty aims to capture the true essence of feeling like a lord of the night.

“We are excited to escort the Dynasty series on a dark and sinister path,” lead designer Michał Ciastoń says. “We have always been fans of both the occult and sinister as well as sandbox games.” Toplitz CEO Matthias Wünsche adds, “The incredibly talented team at Mehuman Games has put their heart, their soul, and a lot of blood into Vampire Dynasty to raise the bar of what is possible with the signature genre-mixing formula.”

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Vampire Dynasty is set to launch via Steam Early Access in late 2024. For now, you can visit the Steam store page and add it to your wishlist to be kept up to date on its progress.

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