More Vampire Survivors DLC is coming, as dev makes paywall promise

More Vampire Survivors DLC is on the way, as Luca ‘Poncle’ Galante says roguelike players will still get key features for free, but new patches will be slower

More Vampire Survivors DLC is coming, as dev makes paywall promise. A vampire with a red cloak and yellow eyes against a purple backdrop

Vampire Survivors DLC pack Legacy of the Moonspell launched in December, but developer of the hit Steam roguelike Luca ‘Poncle’ Galante says that more content is already planned for the future, with new, key features being made available to all players without any additional downloads or paywalls. Vampire Survivors patches, however, will be released more slowly in 2023, as the game expands to new platforms.

In a combined end of 2022 round-up and roadmap for 2023, Galante says that more Vampire Survivors content packs like Legacy of the Moonspell are “coming,” but adds that Vampire Survivors DLC will only ever add additional characters and weapons, with the main game receiving key updates for free.

“Please remember that DLCs will only ever add more characters, weapons, [and] stages,” Galante says, “and that the main game will keep getting updated regularly with main game mechanics and content (think Tiny Bridge-style patches) so that no key-feature will ever be gatekept by a paywall.”

Galante also shares preliminary plans for Vampire Survivors in 2023, explaining how – since Vampire Survivors is now available on mobile platforms and Xbox – new patches will take more time to develop, and will be released at a slower pace.

“Since the last few months were mental with v1.0, Xbox, mobile, and the DLC, please expect patches to be released at a slower pace compared to 2022, as we have to swap to a more sustainable release pipeline and also coordinate patches between a lot of platforms.”

Vampire Survivors was nominated for best debut indie at the 2022 Game Awards, and currently has an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam with over 160,000 user reviews. Despite the immense success of the indie game, Galante recently said he has no idea how Vampire Survivors became so popular.

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