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Dontnod’s Gothic RPG Vampyr has been delayed to 2018

vampyr dontnod delayed

We were hoping to get to stalk the gothic streets in Dontnod’s Vampyr later this year, but it seems the game is slipping from its previously announced November release date. Instead, it’ll be hitting in spring 2018.

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Dontnod say that an unforeseen technical issue has put them off schedule, and though they’ve solved the problem it’s pushed them far enough off schedule that they had to delay the game, with blessings from publisher Focus Home Interactive. The extra time will allow them to focus on the polish and balancing portion of development.

Vampyr is a big departure from Dontnod’s highly successful Life is Strange, moving away from episodic storytelling toward a big, open world RPG. Their first game, Remember Me, was a traditional title with decent action and some unique hooks, but ultimately proved a failure for the studio. It took a completely new direction for the Dontnod’s fortunes to change, and it’ll be interesting to see how something as ambitious as Vampyr turns out.

The last we saw of the game was some footage showing off branching dialog and whole selection of neat vampiric abilities for use in combat and social settings. It’s a little awkward, but it’s fundamentally promising, so hopefully the extra polish time will sand away those rough edges.