Victoria 3 patch 1.1 is here with a colossal amount of changes

Paradox has released Victoria 3 patch 1.1 for the grand strategy game, and it includes a massive list of fixes, changes, and improvements

Victoria 3 patch 1.1 is here with a colossal amount of changes

Paradox has released Victoria 3 patch 1.1, which includes some feature reworks, balance changes, AI fixes, new content, and plenty of major and minor bug fixes for the grand strategy game. If everything we talk about from Victoria 2 patch 1.1 sounds like a bit too much, we’ve got a Victoria 3 beginner’s guide to help you get to grips with all of the complex systems first.

Available now, Victoria 3 update 1.1 is called ‘Earl Gray’ after the tea of the same name (with an E instead of an A mind, and Yorkshire tea is better anyway), and it makes a series of some colossal and compact changes to the strategy game, including a previous announced fix for one of Victoria 3’s most annoying issues.

Some of the biggest changes come via legitimacy modifiers and a rework to the morale system. Different bonuses and penalties should now be applied to countries depending on their legitimacy level, with a modifier added depending on Votes in Government as well. Legitimacy penalties from government size have also now been replaced with a penalty based on ideological coherence. Paradox has also “reworked morale to inflict a base loss for every round of battle, modified by the difference in casualties inflicted between the sides as well as various other modifiers.

There’s also quite a big change to treaty ports too, as they’ll no longer function if their owner’s power rank is less then than the market owners, which Paradox says is to help ensure “Great Powers cannot use them to get access to the markets of other Great Powers.”

There are also a plethora of changes across the rest of the Victoria 3 patch 1.1 update, but here’s some of what Paradox highlights. The potential for oil and rubber deposits around the world has been rebalanced, with many changes to wages, and mass migrations only targeting incorporated states to avoid colonies being the main target of mass migration.

You should also see bug fixes for crashes, overflows, expeditions and diplomacy, with a UI improvement changing what notifications display as toasts in the middle of the screen or in the feed in the bottom right instead.

The full Victoria 3 patch 1.1 notes have been shared by Paradox on the relevant Victoria 3 forum if you want to scour the mountain of changes and improvements.

Victoria 3 sales have already surpassed half a million, making it one of Paradox’s most successful launches of all time. If you want to hear our thoughts on the grand strategy game, our Victoria 3 review dives into the launch state of the game, and what we want to see next. Otherwise we’ve got a comprehensive list of all Victoria 3 cheats, console commands, and codes for your perusal.