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Victoria 3 console commands, codes and cheats

To use Victoria 3 cheats and console commands, you'll need to enable the mode and enter specific commands in the strategy game's debug console

Victoria 3 cheats and console commands: Two men sit cross-legged, facing each other, on a lush rug surrounded by onlookers in turbans and desert robes

The Victoria 3 cheats and console commands will allow you to get to the good stuff in a hurry, if you don’t want to build up your Victorian nation brick by painstaking brick. Like all of Paradox’s grand strategy games, Victoria 3 has a built-in set of commands you can use to quickly get the map set up the way you want, without any messing around with the trade system or diplomatic plays.

To access Victoria 3 cheats and console commands, you’ll need to enable debug mode. This is done through Steam prior to launching the game. All you need to do is right-click on Victoria 3 in your Steam library, and click on Properties. In the first panel that pops up, the General tab, find the box labelled Launch Options. Add this command to that box:

  • -debug_mode

Launch Victoria 3, and you’ll find that the developer debug mode has been enabled. You can pull up a console menu at any time by pressing the ~ (tilde) key.

Victoria 3 cheats and console commands: The Victoria 3 debug menu is shown on the left-hand side of the main screen

Victoria 3 cheats and console commands list

With the debug console open, you’re free to use any of the following commands at will. However, be aware that using them can cause the game to become unstable – you’ll see an alert button with the head of a deer on it pop up in the lower area of the map screen when errors are detected in the current session.

That warning out of the way, here’s the list of Victoria 3 cheats and console commands:

Command Description
Application.changeResolution Manually change the screen resolution
annex_all Annexes all other countries
cthulhu Unknown
deiron Disables Ironman mode
disable_pop_growth Disables pop growth
disable_retooling Disables retooling
escalate (value) Adds the given amount of escalation to a diplomatic play
fastbuild Buildings will be constructed faster
fastenact Your proposed laws will be enacted faster
fasthire Your buildings will hire pops faster
fastinstitutions Your institutions will change investment levels faster
fastinterests You’ll gain the capacity for additional declared interests faster
fastmobilize Your troops mobilise faster
fastresearch Technology research is completed faster
fastrevolution  Revolutions build support faster
fastsecession Secessions happen faster
fasttravels Travel time is greatly reduced
Graphics.CapFramerate Caps the game’s framerate
help Displays a list of debug mode commands
ignore_government_support Support for your government is ignored
kill_character (name) Kills the named character
map_editor Toggles the map editor
money (value) Add money to your treasury in the amount specified
norevolution Disables revolutions
nosecession Disables secessions
observe Toggles observer mode
popstat Displays the number of active pops
portrait_editor Opens the developer portrait editor tool
screenshot Captures a screenshot
settings Opens the debug settings menu
show_goals Shows an AI’s goals
skip_migration Toggles the skip migration cheat
version Displays the game version and checksum in the debug log
wagerate Get or set a building’s wage rate
yesmen Enabling this will make the AI agree to every diplomatic and sway proposal you send

While you’re in debug mode, you can instantly annex any state on the map by clicking on it while pressing the CTRL and ALT keys. You can also use buttons in the debug console itself to instantly change the constitution of the nation you’re playing – no need to type anything.

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