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Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards

Keep up with the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards to easily grab Prize Drop Tokens for the limited return of the fan-favorite machine.

Mr. Monopoly fixing his cuff in his office.

What are the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards? This February event is one of the easier ones to clear, with plenty of prizes to grab along the way. All about having Mr. Monopoly take up office, there’s not a whole lot to do but roll big, fast, and with purpose. It’s also a great source of chips for the returning Prize Drop machine.

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Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards

Milestone Points Reward
1 5 7 Prize Drop Tokens
2 5 20 dice rolls
3 5 Sticker Pack (2x 1 star)
4 10 Cash
5 50 130 dice rolls
6 10 10 Prize Drop Tokens
7 15 Cash Grab (10-minutes)
8 15 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
9 15 15 Prize Drop Tokens
10 100 225 dice rolls
11 20 Cash
12 25 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
13 25 20 Prize Drop Tokens
14 25 Cash
15 240 475 dice rolls
16 30 Rent Frenzy (15-minutes)
17 35 Sticker Pack (3x 2-star)
18 40 35 Prize Drop Tokens
19 45 Cash
20 350 600 dice rolls
21 45 Cash
22 50 55 Prize Drop Tokens
23 50 High Roller (10-minutes)
24 55 Sticker Pack (3x 3-star)
25 700 1,000 dice rolls
26 80 Cash
27 60 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
28 65 85 Prize Drop Tokens
29 70 125 dice rolls
30 500 Cash
31 100 150 dice rolls
32 150 Cash
33 200 105 Prize Drop Tokens
34 250 Cash Boost (5-minutes)
35 1,000 1,200 dice rolls
36 300 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
37 350 125 Prize Drop Tokens
38 400 Cash
39 500 Cash
40 2,000 3,000 dice rolls
41 600 High Roller (20-minutes)
42 650 170 Prize Drop Tokens
43 700 850 dice rolls
44 1,600 Cash
45 750 900 dice rolls
46 800 210 Prize Drop Tokens
47 850 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
48 900 Cash
49 4,000 6,500 dice rolls

Reach the end of the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards table and you’ll claim a total of 15,175 dice rolls. You’ll even earn 827 Prize Drop Tokens.

The Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards screen.

How to play Monopoly Go Victory Campaign

So long as you see the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign banner at the top of your game, you’re able to take part in the event.

To start earning points towards the milestone rewards, just aim to land on the Tax and Utility squares of the board. There are four of them in total; Waterworks (the tap) and The Electric Company (the bulb) on the Utility side, and Income Tax and Luxury Tax on the other.

Landing on any of these squares will award points toward the Victory Campaign rewards. They’re not cumulative: the point requirement is the total needed for each reward. You essentially start from zero with each new milestone, but excess points from the last will carry over.

When does the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign event end?

The Monopoly Go Victory Campaign event is set to end on January 29 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT. The next event should begin as soon as this one ends.

How to earn more Monopoly Go

Victory Campaign points

You can power through the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign milestones by increasing your roll multiplier.

Just as it increases the rewards from the tiles you land on in everyday play, it multiplies the points you earn toward any applicable event in the same way.

So long as you have the rolls to back up the multipliers, just tap the space coming off the top-right corner of the roll button to instigate it.

The max multiplier you can trigger is largely based on your available rolls. Manage to start the High Roller event, though, and this will climb to new heights, potentially allowing you to unlock many, many Victory Campaign rewards after landing on a single applicable tile. You’ll still need the right amount of rolls saved up.

And that’s everything you should need to know about the Monopoly Go Victory Campaign rewards. While you work through them, check out the best free PC games? Better yet, check out the best board games on Steam if you want to juggle two at once. Just remember to start auto-roll to make things a bit easier.