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2023’s best cozy game is on sale, and it’s for a good cause

Viewfinder is easily one of 2023's best cozy games, and it's currently on sale for charity, accompanied by a plethora of other free Steam downloads.

A person holding a camera looks at an old 2D-style videogame in a serene cartoon city area

If there’s one game that has flown under the radar in 2023, it’s Viewfinder. Easily one of 2023’s most relaxing games, Viewfinder is an absolutely gorgeous puzzler that tasks you with reshaping the world around you using only a camera and various different perspectives. It’s absolutely beautiful, and perfect for whiling away the winter hours – oh, and did I mention it’s going cheap on Steam, alongside loads of other games? There’s also that.

You can pick up Sad Owl Studios’ photographic adventure for 20% off at the moment as part of the Scottish Games Sale, bringing it down to $19.99 / £15.99.

There are a whole plethora of indie game offerings as well, with my personal favorite being Monstrum, which gives pure survival horror vibes and is perfect for the upcoming spooky season. If you like the look of Still Wakes the Deep, this feels very much like its spiritual predecessor, and is available for $8.99 / £5.99.

To round it off, if you’re excited about the new Broken Sword game that that was announced at Gamescom, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut is also at the party.

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While it isn’t on sale, any proceeds from purchasing the game (and indeed any other game in the campaign) will go to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to provide consoles and board games for sick children, as well as fund the all-new Play Team initiative, which sees avid gamers head into hospitals across the country to play with kids who aren’t able to go home just yet.

The Scottish Games sale runs from Wednesday September 8 until Thursday September 14, with all proceeds going to charity. 

If you’re looking to pick up some games, you can check it out here, but if you’d prefer to simply make a donation the link to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity’s website is right here.

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