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Warhaven publisher announces new soulslike based on classic MMORPG

Vindictus: Defying Fate, from Warhaven publisher Nexon, has just been announced as a soulslike spin-off of the classic MMORPG, Vindictus.

Warhaven publisher announces soulslike: A woman's face from Vindictus: Defying Fate.

It’s tough for a new soulslike to stick out in a medium already crowded with homages to FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Nexon, publisher of games like Warhaven, Dave the Diver, and The Finals, seems to be up to the challenge, though. It’s just announced a new entry that looks to belong to the genre, Vindictus: Defying Fate, which should stick out from the competition thanks to the fact that it’s based on classic horror-themed MMORPG Vindictus.

The soulslike game spin-off draws on the world established over the many years since Vindictus first launched all the way back in 2010. Vindictus: Defying Fate, though, looks to take just as much design inspiration from punishing action RPG games as its gritty MMO source material.

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Its Steam page promises intense and challenging combat against “enemies that dwarf your stature” set in a fantasy world based on Celtic myth. Players will be able to create the character they use to traverse this world via an in-depth customization system that personalizes their avatar’s look and skills.

There’s no date set for Vindictus: Defying Fate’s launch just yet, but Nexon has said that the game’s currently in a pre-alpha stage of production. Anyone eager to check out this early version of the game can sign up for a pre-alpha test set to take place through Steam from March 13 to 18. Head to that Steam page right here.

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