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Visions of Mana release date window, trailers, and latest news

Visions of Mana is the first game in the Mana series in over 15 years, so there's a lot riding on this action-RPG, here's everything we know.

Visions of Mana release date - Faerie glowing yellow at the festival

When is the Visions of Mana release date? The first game in the Mana series in over 15 years was finally announced at The Game Awards 2023 by Square Enix, with more details about the game arriving during a surprise guest spot in the Xbox Developer Direct 2024 in January. So when can we expect to jump in?

Visions of Mana will return to its action-RPG roots for what has been described as “an expansive, vibrant adventure across a semi-open field.” We’ll be taking on the role of Val, “a curious and carefree young man who lives in the Fire Village of Tianeea.” Here’s everything we know so far about this anime game.

Visions of Mana release date window

The Visions of Mana release date is Summer 2024, and it will be launching on PC via Steam, as well as on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. This news came during the Xbox Developer Direct 2024 stream.

The story follows the Faerie, who visits regions every four years to choose alms, people who must travel to the Tree of Mana, a place that controls the world’s vital flow of mana. Along for the ride is Val and his childhood pal, who is chosen as the Alm.

Now Val acts as the Soul Guard to his friend to get her safely to the Tree of Mana, fighting all sorts of enemies – including fan favorites such as Rabites and Lullabuds – in party-based combat.

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Visions of Mana trailer

The above announcement trailer shows the bright and colorful world, with Val traversing different environments from small villages, rolling green hills, and snowy mountains. At the festival, Val’s friend is chosen by the Faerie to make the long journey to the Tree of Mana, and we can see them cutting down various enemies, like animated toadstools.

We saw a lot more of Visions of Mana during the January 2024 Xbox Developer Direct stream. We get confirmation that this game deviates from the RPG routes by having a more action-orientated combat system, something teased during the boss fights in the announcement trailer. Elementals are specialized items that are returning to the series, and you’ll need to invoke them in order to spells that you need to cast to defeat foes.

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We also learn about Pikuls, who are summonable creatures that you can use to traverse the open world. One that we see during the footage is a black wolf that the player can ride. Koichi Ishi, creator of the Mana series, also designed the Pikuls, with the one shown taking inspiration from “Anubis from Egyptian mythology,” as well as having elements of Yorkshire Terriers and pangolins.

The game will also include music from previous Mana series composers and a transitional score that changes seamlessly when you move in and out of combat. According to Masaru Oyamada, producer of the Mana series, “Visions of Mana boasts an astounding tracklist of 100 songs in total”.

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Visions of Mana gameplay

In March 2024, we got a trailer showing off previously unseen gameplay mechanics. In combat, you can switch between the three party members, each with their own specialties. Careena is a mage-like girl with wings who can cast smash away at foes alongside her dragon friend or cast spells to aid her allies. Val slashes with a massive sword, while another ally, Morley, uses his sheer speed to overwhelm enemies with massive combos.

Val appears to use abilities to get around, as we’ve seen him use a flying skill during a previous trailer. This lifts him onto a nearby ledge or a giant bubble that encases him and lets him breathe underwater. More recently, we see characters jump over gaps to overcome obstacles such as large holes.

Another boss was revealed in that same trailer, this time a huge praying mantis wearing armor and gauntlets. Val slashes at its thorax to seemingly break it, but it seems spell users also freeze it to the spot with the power of the elements, which causes it to be inactive for a short time.

That’s all we’ve got for the Visions of Mana release date and what to expect from the story and gameplay. In the meantime, check out all the upcoming games we’re looking forward to, as well as the best RPGS on PC.