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Exciting, unique new indie soulslike game launches free Steam demo

Unique new indie game Void Sols takes the exploration, combat, and upgrade systems of Dark Souls and coats them in Geometry Wars minimalism.

Void Sols - An abstract shape with a person-like form, a bit like a head on a V-shaped body.

Of all the games to tread in the wake of Dark Souls and Elden Ring, new indie soulslike game Void Sols might be one of the most distinctive and exciting. Returning to the top-down roots of the Legend of Zelda games that inspired FromSoftware’s genre-defining RPGs, this new game infuses the vibrant, minimalist look of Geometry Wars into a challenging action RPG that you have to see for yourself. The good news is that you can go one better and try it, thanks to the launch of a free Steam demo that’s available right now.

The full release of Void Sols comes after the success of an initial prologue chapter that tested the waters to the tune of a 97% positive Steam rating, with more than 50,000 players downloading developer Finite Reflection’s distinctive soulslike game. Now, as publisher Modern Wolf announces it will publish the full release, the team has launched a brand new 70-minute demo that’s available to play on Steam.

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Don’t let the unique perspective fool you: Void Sols is challenging, atmospheric, and boasts very satisfying combat. It has all the core elements you want in a good soulslike, from the sense of exploration and discovery as you uncover secrets, shortcuts, and more, to rewarding gear and leveling systems that let you switch between builds to find the perfect counter to that challenging boss fight. There’s also the ability to scale each aspect of the difficulty to your liking, and it even has fishing, an essential element in any of the best RPG games for my money.

“I’m excited to see how people will react to Void Sols,” Modern Wolf’s creative director Freddy Frydenlund says. “The character design and art style feel like a nod to retro gaming but with an updated look. We’ve worked closely with the artist Anna Hollinrake to bring this world to life and think we’ve created something that will stand out in the soulslike genre. I hope the public falls in love with the game as much as we have.”

The Void Sols demo is out now on Steam. You can head here to check it out for yourself, and add the game to your wishlist to keep track of when it launches. Finite Reflection tells PCGamesN it’s currently aiming for the fourth quarter of 2024, although this isn’t yet set in stone.

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