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Doom meets Dark Souls in this fast-paced ARPG with free playtest

Combining the fast-paced first-person combat of Doom and the fantasy worlds of games like Dark Souls, Steam action RPG Voin looks great.

Voin Steam playtest: a knight in black armor surrounded by electricity as they lunge forward

What if your fast-paced first-person movement shooter traded a gun for a sword, and its hyper-real setting for a crunchy PS1 aesthetic scored by intense piano tracks? You’d have Voin, and if that sounds right up your street, you’ll be incredibly glad to hear that there’s an imminent Steam playtest for this action RPG game. Combining the best parts of the modern Doom games and the distinct dark fantasy of Dark Souls, Voin is one to watch.

Created by solo developer Nikita Sozidar over the course of six years, Voin looks like the love child of the oppressive dark fantasy world of Dark Souls and the fast-paced vertical movement of id Software’s modern Doom reboot. A hack-and-slash action RPG game at heart, Voin is fast, brutal, gory, and weighty, with some incredibly powerful piano tracks carrying the dark visuals in a way I adore.

From publisher tinyBuild, a playtest for Voin is coming incredibly soon where you’ll be dashing around castles and fantasy landscapes while swinging a massive sword at enemies and using an array of elemental attacks while out exploring the levels. You can then go back to the hub area to cleanse your loot, enhance your skills, and then head back out into battle.

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You’ll unlock boss arenas after completing missions, and these in turn will offer up more story quests that then change the state of world spaces and add new missions and enemy types to contend with.

PCGamesN has also been given some exclusive info about Voin’s traversal systems, and if I’m anything I’m a sucker for fast-paced first-person games – especially when they look this unique. You can avoid encounters altogether with the run, slide, jump, and dash mechanics – if you can use them well enough in tandem that is.

Voin also does one hell of a job combining crunchy pixel visuals reminiscent of the ‘90s with more modern art styles. The lighting and visuals look superb when bouncing off the dark fantasy setting, but as soon as you take a closer look you can see the PS1-esque textures, and it blends into something stunning to look at.

Voin Steam playtest: a first-person look at a knight with a sword, enemies and a giant castle wall ahead of them

The Voin playtest starts on Friday, March 8, 2024. You can sign up for the playtest for free and wishlist the game on Steam as of right now. Voin is set for a full release sometime in late 2024.

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