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The Walking Dead: Season 2’s next episode is “just around the corner”

Clementine: new star of The Walking Dead.

Just Around the Corner could be the name of a Telltale Walking Dead episode, couldn’t it? All false hope ready to be proven deeply ominous in retrospect. In fact, The Walking Dead Season 2’s second chapter is named A House Divided. Really haven’t the foggiest what that refers to.

Perhaps Clem’s fallen into a fear-induced fever dream, and the game’s taken a sideways leap into domestic drama? Actually, that sounds really good. Lee’s in the kitchen, flipping burgers. Hey, Lee! Kenny’s in the yard, barking angry ripostes at the dog. And Lilly? Oh: Lilly’s shot the postman, in a misguided bid to save us all. A typical morning, then.

Telltale teased Episode 2 of their new series in the early hours of this morning. It’ll continue to star Clem (“Still. Not. Bitten.”), and that’s about all we know.

It’s good to hear word on the next installment, though, given that Episode One was released in ancient times: December 2013.

The Wolf Among Us, Telltale’s Walking Dead follow-up, suffered a months-long delay after its first episode – thanks to “an unusual and specific set of circumstances”. Happily, its second part is now due out this week. Telltale have long since mastered their episodic release schedule – but they’re still more or less alone in an industry that struggles with commitment to dates.

The Walking Dead has continued on without its two directors, Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, who’ve set out alone as the ludicrously exciting Campo Santo. Funnily enough, chief writing duties have transferred to a thirdIdle Thumb: Nick Breckon.

How’ve you lot acclimated to a new perspective (about three feet below Lee’s) in The Walking Dead Season 2? Let’s try and keep this spoiler-light.

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