War Thunder is being kitted out with official Oculus Rift support; here’s why you should care


Waaaaar THUN-der! You ought to sing that to the tune of Goldfinger. Why? Because this ambitious dogfighting game is the best MMO you’ve never heard of. It’s also the biggest: in January, 500,000 players had signed up to its open beta – hardly enough to threaten Wargaming, but the same sort of under-the-radar success that heralded World of Tanks.

Another reason to coopt Shirley Bassey in the name of War Thunder: it’s soon to be equipped for VR sky-high jinks with the Oculus Rift.

Here’s Youtube pilot mdbuehler, channelling Howard Hughes and flying far, far too low:

Players report that a Rift checkbox now appears in War Thunder’s ‘Options’ page, but does nothing. It doesn’t seem too bold an inference to suggest that developers Gaijin will enable it in the game’s next major patch.

In preparation, you can sign up for War Thunder’s open beta and have a pootle about in a plane for free. Thunderers: fill the comment section with colourful accounts of what we’ve been missing, will you?