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Warframe isn’t getting a samurai frame, yet

Digital Extremes has confirmed that there are four new Warframe systems in the works, but unfortunately none of them are samurai themed.

Warframe isn't getting a samurai frame, yet: A man in black armor with golden trips reaches for a sword on a blue background

If there’s one thing I’ve secretly always wanted, it’s a samurai Warframe. In a game renowned for fast-paced action and cutting-edge style (pun entirely intended), the samurai archetype fits like a glove – especially because the game’s poster child, Excalibur, is indeed a sword user. However, it looks like a Japanese-inspired Warframe isn’t in the works at the moment, but a few others are.

In their latest round of Devshorts, Warframe creative director Rebecca Ford, and Digital Extremes CEO Steve Sinclair discuss a potential samurai-inspired combatant – after all, Warfame is literally one of the best ninja games ever made.

“We do have the next four planned,” Ford says with a smile. “None of them are samurai, I’m sorry – but maybe cosmetics for now! Maybe you’ve always wanted one of your Frames to look like a samurai.

“But, I hear you,” she continues. “Probably not this year based on current planning; maybe, but unlikely, but maybe.”

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As we know, the next Warframe is the pyramid-esque Dante, who was revealed during the Friday, January 26 Devstream. While he doesn’t have a sick-looking sword, what he does do is fire vellum at his enemies, leading to a literal death by a thousand (paper)cuts. He’s created with the classic MMORPG-style mage caster in mind, and honestly, I’m excited already.

As someone who loves all things vampiric, I’ve already got my fix with the likes of Garuda and Revenant, but I do love that futuristic Japanese aesthetic (as I say in my Ghostrunner 2 review, it was my 2023 GOTY), and think that Digital Extremes could easily pull that off. My samurai Warframe campaign for 2025 starts now.

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Until then, though, we have a list of all the best multiplayer games if you’ve already finished Whispers In The Walls. Or, if you’re intrigued by Warframe’s sister title, Soulframe, we have a rundown of everything we know about the Soulframe release date, as well as an exclusive TennoCon 2023 interview with Sinclair.

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