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Warframe TennoCon 2023 reveals a packed future for the free game

Warframe's TennoCon 2023 celebration is well underway, and it's filled with new updates, DLC announcements, and plenty of surprise reveals for all to enjoy.

Warframe TennoCon 2023

Even after a decade Warframe still keeps adding in-depth content to the free Steam game, and TennoCon 2023 has been no exception for big reveals. Warframe isn’t slowing down, as a big new update, skins, a Halloween event, and more is coming to the game to celebrate the landmark achievement.

With Warframe cross progression detailed, you’ll soon be able to play all of this new content across all platforms with incredible ease, so your skins and progress can stay with you no matter where or how you play. TennoCon 2023 has been well underway today on Saturday, August 26, with plenty of updates, new content, and surprises planned for the colossal Warframe celebration.

First up, we’ve got brand-new Warframe Heirloom Collections, which add new limited-edition skins for Frost and Mag designed by Warframe’s original art director ‘Mynki.’ There’s also the Signa, an entirely new class of customization, too.

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Winter 2023 will also see the next Warframe update Whispers in the Walls finally released, which Digital Extremes calls “the beginning of an epic new narrative arc for Warframe that brings a new cinematic storyline answering questions players have had since the game’s origin.”

Warframe TennoCon 2023

There’s also a seasonal update this October, as the 54th Warframe Dagath comes in the Abyss of Dagath update. This includes a new weapon, seasonal content, and a slew of quality-of-life changes too.

All of this is accompanied by a message from Warframe creative director Rebecca Ford, who says that “2023 is, and continues to be, a historic year for Warframe. Not only have we celebrated our ten-year Anniversary surrounded by our incredible community, we’ve set the stage for many more years of stories to tell.

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“Community has always come first for Warframe, and we will continue to make the game that we want to play. Telling the next chapter in the Warframe story continues to be an honor – and we’re on track to deliver cross-platform saves, a long requested (and promised) feature.”

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