Warframe added nearly 12 million players in a year

Warframe players are getting ever more numerous

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March 25, 2019 Warframe’s latest player count update suggests almost 12 million new Tenno have signed up in as many months.

To celebrate its sixth birthday, Warframe developer Digital Extremes has said its game now has nearly 50 million registered players across all platforms. The Canadian studio gave a similar update last year, announcing that between March 2013 and March 2018, 38,083,936 people had signed up across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. So we’re looking at nearly 12 million more new players in a single year.

Digital Extremes confirms that 2018 was Warframe’s biggest year for growth. Besides surging player registrations, the game saw new records for monthly and daily active users, while SteamCharts recorded a new high of 131,766 for peak concurrents (this doesn’t even count players on Warframe’s own launcher, or on other platforms). DE also tells us that Warframe’s fan expo, TennoCon, and its Twitch channel are getting more engagement than ever – Warframe was apparently the 14th most-watched game on Twitch last year.

2018 saw Warframe’s release on Switch, that of its latest open world expansion, Fortuna, as well as a flurry of smaller updates and patches in a busy year for Digital Extremes. Not at all bad for a six-year old game.

The Fortuna launch in November still holds the record for concurrent players on Steam, though the freebies from its sixth birthday celebrations are likely to bump the numbers up a touch.

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You can watch them grow for yourself over on Steam Charts. Warframe’s previous peak isn’t far behind Fortuna’s; in June, around the launch of the Sacrifice, Warframe reached 129,002 players. The first jump above 100k came in October 2017, when the first open world expansion Plains of Eidolon launched.