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The Profit Taker update brings the big guns to Warframe today

Warframe’s Fortuna update launched last month, and developer Digital Extremes is already back with another massive update: The Profit Taker. Earlier billed as Fortuna Part II, this is a massive update that brings us a new frame and a host of missions, weapons, and plushies to collect. The free update is out on Steam today.

The center of it all is a new set of missions pitting you against a giant spider mech – the titular Profit Taker. You’ll get big new bits of firepower to help with that in form of Archwings, which are now available for you to equip on foot. That means that the firepower previously limited to space missions is now available on the ground.

We’ve also got Baruuk, the game’s 38th frame, which brings the expected array of new abilities to the table. Elude allows you to dodge incoming projectiles when you’re not attacking. Lull puts slows enemies down and eventually puts them to sleep. Subdue sends out an array of floating daggers that’ll seek out and destroy enemy guns. Finally, Serene Storm lets Baruuk command the Desert Wind as his Restraint goes down – and let out that aggression with flurries of kicks and punches.

But perhaps this is most important: new Floofs. The Business will send you out to save three new animal species in the Vallis. Do it, and some new plush pals will be yours.

Of course, there are are also new mods, cosmetics, and other customisation options, along with an arsenal’s worth of fresh weapons. You can find full list of all the new stuff – it’s a lot – over on the official forums.

Warframe player counts reached new heights thanks to the launch of Fortuna, and further updates like this one will certainly help to keep the train of positivity rolling.

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