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Nearly 40 million people have played Warframe

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Update, March 13, 2018: Since launching five years ago, over 38 million people have signed up to play Warframe.

It’s time to celebrate Warframe’s fifth birthday, and developers Digital Extremes have started festivities by announcing the game’s latest - massive - registered player count. Since the free-to-play title launched in March 2013, nearly 40 million people have signed up across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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38,083,936 to be precise, and even if all of those people haven’t been actively playing for the entire duration, it’s still an impressive stat. 8 million of those players have come within the past year. The launch of open world expansion Plains of Eidolon last year saw the game hit a new concurrent player record over 120,000 on PC, and Warframe remains a regular top ten title on the Steam charts.

Digital Extremes also share some other fun stats. Players have built 52,972,344 Warframes and 234,766,197 weapons. They’ve defeated the first boss, Captain Vor, a cumulative 53,117,969 times. Total playtime in the game is now at 136,747 years, 49,912,765 days, 1,197,906,351. (That’s longer than recorded history.)

“Can it really be five years?” creative director Steve Sinclair asks. “When we started Warframe it was a 750MB install with one level. We had no expectations it would endure even half as long. But you, our Tenno, showed up and guided us and gave us hell! With your support we've continued to grow and experiment and with your blessing we'll continue to do just that. There is still so much left to do... together. On behalf of the team here at Digital Extremes, thank you Tenno. See you at Tennocon!”

Tennocon is the annual fan convention for Warframe players, and is set this year for July 7 in London, Ontario, Canada. If you want to attend in person you can find more details on the official site, but you’ll want to pay attention regardless - Digital Extremes promise “one of the biggest reveals of the year coming to Warframe” during a livestream at the event.

Update, October 25, 2017: The latest Warframe expansion has given a significant boost to the game's player numbers since its release two weeks ago.

Warframe's peak concurrent player count nearly doubled after the release of its latest expansion. Plains of Eidolon saw numbers peak at more than 120,000 players.

In a press release from Digital Extremes, they announced that the previous record of 69,526 had been beaten since the Plains of Eidolon expansion's release just over two weeks ago. The current record sits at 121,377.

Developers Digital Extreme also announced that the game has reached another milestone, with more than 30 million accounts having been registered since Warframe's release in 2013.

Original story, November 16, 2016: Warframe released a new expansion last week, The War Within, which saw the free-to-play shooter hit the top three games on Steam during its debut weekend. To celebrate that opening weekend, Digital Extremes have released some more numbers. 

During The War Within's launch, Warfare peaked at 68,530 concurrent players, setting a new record to Digital Extreme's action game. More than 1.2 million hours of Warframe were played in a single day.

In fact, the game has surpassed its record number of monthly active users this November already, with more than one million unique players across all platforms.

In total, Warframe now has 26 million registered user since its March 2013 launch.

The War Within follows on from December's story expansion, The Second Dream, and features multiple new missions, planets and story-laced cutscenes. There's a trailer embedded above.

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hoshwazy avatarstanscut avatarLolssi avatarTony Harrison aka ElDiablo avatar
hoshwazy Avatar
8 Months ago

Destiny 2 is what got me into Wareframe this week. I had no idea what it even was until I was looking for another game after D2 let me down so heavily. It doesn’t quite have the polish of D2 being a smaller developer but as far as content and customization, it’s not even in the same ball park. It blew me away because I HATE f2p games but this seems to have its crap together.

stanscut Avatar
8 Months ago

Stick to this, been playing since open beta and the evolution of this game is amazing. The Dev's go their own way while always listening to the community. Theres a lot of broken updates to come, but they will be fixed through the community feedback 99% of the time. Meaning in the end this game always keeps growing and getting better. Regarding this is a F2P title, i think its the best ive ever seen.

Lolssi Avatar
3 Months ago

It was fun for a while but horrible grind and community took my interest away.

Tony Harrison aka ElDiablo Avatar

Grindy yes, but nothing wrong with the community.

Lolssi Avatar
3 Months ago

Happens constantly. Team up with someone to a place you've never been and need team to actually get through. Other guy is way overpowered and immediately sprints past all enemies and leaves you to fight for your life and wonder what direction to go. With that amount of players sure there are some bad apples however that was pretty regular occurence so = crappy community.