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Wargroove’s release date slips to early 2019

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October 21 Wargroove’s launch has been pushed back to early 2019, developers Chucklefish said in a blog post Saturday.

Charming turn-based tactic title Wargroove had been due for release in the second half of this year, but Chucklefish said they decided to move the release window to the first quarter of 2019 in order to “provide players with a really robust package when the big day comes.”

Speaking with PCGamesN at [email protected] earlier this year – an event for Microsoft’s indie label – Chucklefish designer and artist, Jay Baylis, had said the team was aiming for release in the second half of this year.

“It’s taken some time, we really want it to be a huge package.” Baylis said then. “If it stands alone in a robust package then people appreciate that even if the art seems retro and simplistic. Also I think [fans] appreciate the kind of games we make because they know a Chucklefish game is something which has a lot of content and a lot of value.”

It looks like that’s going to take a little more time than Chucklefish had initially planned, but in the blog post announcing the delay, the developer seems confident the wait will be worthwhile.

And it seems Wargroove will be quite the package. We already know the game will include 12 will fully moddable campaigns with branching paths, and the option to edit or create your own campaigns. But will the campaign editor be simple to use?


“Yeah, hopefully,” Baylis says. “You just paint on the tiles – like draw it on – drop the little units down, launch that, and send it to your friends. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.”

For those who want to create a fully-fledged campaign story, you can play with the game’s more complex editorial tools.

“On launch we’ll have a cutscene editor, where you can direct cutscenes, and an animation editor with dialogue and emotes and stuff,” Baylis continues. “But you don’t have to do that, you can just map a map and send it to your friends.”

Wargroove will feature both couch co-op and online multiplayer. However, the online multiplayer is a bit different as you don’t need to be online at the same time as your friend. Instead, you make a move, send it off to the server, close the match, and can continue to play with others or in a solo-campaign until your friend makes their move. Though the games may be more long-winded, if you don’t have much time on your hands, it means you can have multiple multiplayer matches going at the same time.

Wargroove is currently due for release in early 2019.