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Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr gets first trailer: shoot at cover, not over it

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

The Warhammer 40K game I’ve always dreamt of would be a Black Isle-style RPG, set on a hyper-industrialised Forge World, starring an Inquisitor tasked with sniffing out the scent of Chaos. Somebody with a reason to go digging around in the mines, asking strangers searching questions via branching dialogue trees.

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Since Obsidian’s Tyranny seems to have that more-or-less sorted, I’m OK with Inquisitor - Martyr instead being an action RPG with elements of cover-shooting. As it turns out, that’s cover-shooting in the most literal sense: you benefit from aiming at the low walls.

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The new trailer concerns Martyr’s destructible terrain. Subjected to bolter fire, its stony environments can be chipped away and disassembled into rubble - such that a pillar can be toppled onto the head of an enemy of the Imperium.

Success in firefights involves taking cover - and keeping an exit route open, should your chosen wall be shot to pieces. Some materials last longer than others, but a nice chromey chunk of boltgun metal should keep you relatively safe.

Martyr comes from Van Helsing’s NeocoreGames and is expected on PC later this year. Think you’ll play it, or will Dawn of War III see you right in the Warhammer department?

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AnAuldWolf avatar*sigh* avatar「Spaerk」 avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Heh. I think my ideal Warhammer game would be to finally get away from the bloody human Imperium and all of their genetically engineered faceless drones and explore some of the more lore-rich, interesting species out there. What I wouldn't give for a heavily storied, branching game involving the orks or the tau (or even the tyrannids!).

So I'm with you on Obsidian-style storytelling, just less so on the human focus. I feel there have been a billion and one games now about the space marines and the other related human soldiers that make up the Imperium. Some diversity would be nice!

*sigh* Avatar
2 Years ago

You say you dont want genetically engineered faceless drones.

Then mention orks or the tau or even the tyrannids.

「Spaerk」 Avatar
2 Years ago

The Orks and Tyranids are pretty much nothing but engineered faceless drones, even more so than the warriors of the Imperium.

I do would like a game from the perspective of the Orks or Tau though - Tyranids not so much since there is not much known about the hive mind so they are more or less limited to "must consume" in their motivations.